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"who do i live for? myself? whats the point in that? i should live for others. ill study something now, beyond hurting other people to feel good about myself. no matter if i think im a good person, i know in my heart i am doing wrong. no matter if i dont brag. no matter if people think im a god in the fighting ring. im going.. to study psychology. to understand myself better, and other people. to try to and rise them above the flames. which are just my flames. my insecurity. my world, my reality. must increase. ill never reach transcendence with just working out, even if im a god at it. even if ive never taken steroids. even if i have a clear conciousness 90% of my concious moments. even if i astral project most of the time when i sleep. there has to be something more to my existance."

av EmmaSotz (ris och ros)

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