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its never hopeless
no matter how
bad it seems
just keep struggling
trying to figure
out alternatives
something you did before
which made you happy
or just calm for a moment
for me it is writing
it was horrible before
any time i didnt write
i was in state of OCD
that is
obsessive compulsive disorder
i had given it to myself
by trying to make music
while i was on 20 pills a day
after as suicide attempt
just keep trying out
different alternatives
there is light at
the end of the tunnel
just keep believing it
and thinking a lot
dont escape into drugs
its good the first weeks
then it just gets worse
and you lose all your money
invest in yourself instead
in alone time in me time
and just lay in bed
thinking a lot
it can solve anything
or write a lot and solve
things that way
and also make others happy
with your writing
i know its saved me
tens of thousands of times
straight edge for life
milk and orange juice
is where its at for me
not beer and cigs
and all that shit

av Straight Edger (ris och ros)

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