Kristaller och diamanter

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det går endast
att repa en diamant
med en annan diamant

men det är lätt att
smula sönder salt

det tyder på att
diamanter är mer inåtriktade
och har ett rikt liv som inte syns
om de inte är kreativa
de bryr sig mest om
den innersta kärnan
av nära och kära och
det essentiella från
dag-till-dag som
andra missar

medan kristallsjälar
är utåtriktade
och bryr sig om
sitt utseende
sina vänner
sitt hem
sina husdjur

och diamanter är hårda
till och med känslokalla
för de har så mycket att tänka på
att de lätt exploderar
eller snarare imploderar
för de kommer
aldrig ur sitt skal
och har svårt att
binda sig till andra

så har kristaller en enorm känslighet
det betyder inte att de är svaga
bara att de upplever allt mycket mer
ur tusentals perspektiv per sekund

diamanter kan verka slarviga
lata, äckliga, fula

men det är bara för att de
inte blivit polerade än

medans kristaller
kan verka ytliga
och hoppa från en
relation till
en annan

men det är bara för att de vet
att utsidan speglar universum

och för att de inte klarar
av att vara ensamma



you can only scratch a diamond
with another diamond

but it's easy to crumble salt

this tells that diamonds
are more prominent
to be enclosed in
their shell
their bubble
their egos

and have a rich inner experience
which is not governed so much by outer forces
they're usually intensively creative
and care more about the core of things
and have very few friends, if, at all
they tend to stick to something loyal
that lasts a couple of eternities
even if it happens to be a computer
or postage stamps
or a pretend-anthropomorph
perhaps in a made-up world, even
that only they know about

on the other hand
crystal souls
are divine experts
in fashion sense
because they have
realized that the outside
mirrors the inside, and the middle too
they seem, shallowly, to think
and care about everything and everyone
and are great nurturers
mothers atheletes
masseuses hairdressers
you name it
they are usually the people
you see becoming rockstars
millionaries tv-personalities

while the diamonds
work in the shade
they might not get
the recognition they deserve
but instead they turn to legends
if only underground
if only to a select few
but they know that one is enough
and the supremely enlightened
can handle it all on their own
without anyone caring
loving adoring them at all

if you bump into a diamond
you're either scarred for life
bedazzled, faint, or never
stop dreaming about them
even if it was only
for a moment
from a

very often
people forget about diamonds
since they're just something
shiny they don't want to lose
but these beings have an aura
that spans miles upon miles
to the lucky one
and enrichens them
from day to day
without them having
any idea of how or why

eventhough diamonds seem strong
a single word can crush
their entire worldview
they might never tell a soul about it
and the people who hurt
them will never understand
it can just be an snickering laugh from a passerby
at their character, their dialect

just about every diamond is a virgin
not only in body but in mind as well
eventually though
the carelessness of other people
bleeds off into them
and since no one understands them
they pick up more and more energy
until they one day they also explode
they have a very hard time forgetting injustices
even if they other part was "just joking"
and tells them to "relax" or "have a drink"

but diamonds know intensively about poisons
that destroy your infinite soul
and the few times they hook up with a junkie
they never look back
or get stuck in that swamp as well

when they know all
that is needed to survive
and become their best
is fresh water
fresh air
and just thinking things through
instead of trying to deny trauma
which only builds up
until normal people become
passive aggressive
mobster monsters
like everyone else

diamonds never forget their roots
deep underground
but that is where the fire exists
without a spiritual flame
what point is there to living
when all that seems to matter
is kicking down everyone
in sight who stands out
and spending all your time
on trying to figure out how to
fit into the square mould

a diamond can never win over an alcoholic
while beer drinkers can attack every living being
on earth and think of it as justified
a diamond only wonders what they did wrong
and try to correct it eventually
while the alcaloids
try to hide everything from view
while to a diamond their fake appearance
reeks of self denial

diamonds hear again and again
in any shape and form
how everything about them
in every way is wrong
in every sense of the word
and the first hit
is always free
because don't you
want to become
like we
a zombie


i will never turn into you
no matter how many copies there are
my tatus tell another story
and if your outer is so perfect
why is your inner body so pungent
if you have any free will
of your mind at all that is

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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