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DUDE. so. lol. oh. my. god.

ok. i figured it out now.

so. i found a third jew.

(aka khazar / ashke nazi)

they..... arent exactly

spoken well of on bitchute.

loollololo. uhm.... ^_^

so he did this really stupid

curse on someone that disagreed

with him. soooo...... ^__^

i cursed him back.


............. oopsie ^_^

i dont remember where

on youtube it was.

some new popular video.

not sure... was it about

sri lanka? that they sort

of wrecked the entire country.

not that nice. i guess. sad smiley.

it was just an experiment.

embrace extend extinguish.

anyway! rage against the machine!


anyway. tracey. were one

of the lucky ones. (....right)

"we really are gonna live forever?"

now. im confused. julia is a german jew.

except. they dont exist. omg. this is weird.

nazis dont exist? (for real?)

"they use emotion for the many

and use reason for the few"

thats what göbbels said about the khazars.

they rebelled against them. ....maybe?

DUDE. contacted mr god. uhm.

i was. uhm. not like his psycho sis.

i tried to rewrite and rewrite. omg!

so i tried ignoring him and everything

would be alright? nope. well. you never

know. hes for real. and youre for real.

and. i didnt know that. it doesnt really

matter. some site had absolutely everything.

but since i dont remember things it doesnt matter.

bella likes her sis. and i like my sis.

and you like your brother (...........).

ok. that came out wrong. lol.

i heard that muslims are bad because the brothers

control the sisters in like REAL bad ways.

well. never believed that. i guess its true.

but it doesnt really matter. uhm. yes it does.

i guess im just dumb. the brotherhood is the illuminati?

hmm. tired for some reason. dont get it.

uhm..... anyway. i fucked with the khazars.

i thought it was mr rapper. well. he tried last year.

they did about the same thing.

and as for my sis. i get it now.

she wanted a twin. not as a friend.

as someone to control. like super mario?

she wanted a demon so she could be an angel.

and fuck movie stars and all that.

except. she wasnt special and she was fucking lazy.

i mean. i could say this to miss mom or to sara directly.

theyd deny everything. so it doesnt matter.

"complaining is good for you as long as you dont

complain to the person youre complaining about"

well. bye. lol. sad smiley happy smiley etc.

anyway. thats why i didnt meet anyone.

she had it all figured out.

push a lever press a button.

and then you just die.

and then i was gonna protect another bella.

because im great like that.

uhm. and the troll i fought had powerful parents.

i dont really know who. except that other

bella is from california. and i dont know

what problem they have with her.

hey. maybe its one of darkhalos kids.

you never know.

anyway. otherbella is free and awesome.

.....and she got tired of me after 1 day.


she streamed on twitch. did art and such.

and her album cover is amazing.

anyway. deviantart was weird.

(and this was before it turned into

furryville. oh wait. no.

and i liked this furry artist.

you can look her up. heartofglitter.

cassandraharley. well. protected her.

etc. did that typographic thing




i got all these sweet comments.

and i didnt understand them until..... now?

"från hela världens underjord kräver vi respekt"

sure you do. muslims are some pathetic pieces of shit.

anyway. impressing people. like, why?

"tyler. i want you

to listen to me.

my eyes are open"

so. sara is dumb as fuck.

she had heard that if youre not baptized

youre a devil. well..... its the opposite.

anyway. last year. everything turned weird.

but it turned real. like all dates on music

albums changed. i thought they were fucking

with me. but it was the real reality.

not ultimate reality. just not the world

miss sara has made up.

i mean. for real? cyberpunk. in 1982?

when i was conceived? rrrrrrrright.

super mario? 1983? sure.

"Release — Release. Super Mario Bros.

was first released in Japan

on Friday the 13th of September"

sure it was. friday thirteenth?

shes just delusional.

so she wanted to be an artist?

well. shes trash. i saw her "art".

she painted pasta? wtf?

some fucking mask? oooook?

ya see. sara is like mister dad.

hes trash. so when he was almost dead.

he wanted to be an artist.

he photod his hometown.

uhm. no people. it

was just.. snapshots.

i deleted them.

and it wasnt that.

it wasnt fruängen.

lying piece of shit.

"i cant understand why tomas is so lazy?"

no. sara is the lazy stupid cunt.

and even better. she thought she was smart.

but everyone was smarter than her.

she got shit grades. OOPS.

no journalist education for youuuuu!

she got into her third choice.

she educated herself into

like. knowing things?

she didnt get a job.

she had basically

no money at all.

fucking white trash.

i dreamed about drugs.

except, she made that not happen.

everything i wanted was removed

when i just got close.

hey. thought it was my fault.


she thought she was a god.


maybe ill add back that

cute loveletter i sent her.

no. not that one. just pure hate.

and svenskadikter was made by mr rapper himself?

or did she make up that shit too?

7 seconds after i posted something on

another poetry site.

it froze. ooook?

now it says it was posted 9 seconds ago.

rrrrrrrright. shes deep and smart and

she has no talent whatsoever.

so. she worked with retards before.

you get karma points for that. obviously.

because you see i was a retard and then

shed understand me? rrrrrrrright.

she created me. i know it all.

anyway. miss economy is just like her.

or shes like miss economy.

fucking entitled white trash.

fucking golddigger.

so. whatever i am.

she is the opposite.

so i started with art.

she stopped.

maybe because she realized

i was superior to her.


i feel like puking but not.


and she wanted me to talk

like that douche

boss in office space?

ok. good for her.

hey. bitch.

i do rune magic.

im stronger than you.

stupid piece of shit.

as for the rest of society.

i dont quite get it.

i guess it has to do with

alcohol blackouts.

snorting overdoses.

she did it alllllll.

and beyond.

anyway. jag älskar dig

gabriella theresia.

hey! tracey! im gonna call ya!

except, i have 100 bucks left

and its only wednesday?

did i use a 500 bill

when i didnt take change?

well. makes sense.

except, its not "me".

its her.

anyway. why did she want me to

like muslims? never got that part.

so. i guess i could make a cute proper

story of this. except that only works

if im intensively lonely. and i dont

feel like it anymore.

as for you and xhyljeta saying

"think of your mother"

thats a psyop from sara.

hey. CUNT. i know youre spying.

no one has any pain except for me.

if they cant "walk" it means they cant cum.

and. besides. it had nothing

to do with the computer.

it happened the same before school.

jessica. she disappeared too.

weird huh? and it just happened to be.

jessicas big sister is

one of saras besties! awwwww!

so. jessicas at one of saras partys.

she asks her "wheres tomas?"

miss sis answers so cutely

"hes probably up there jacking off".

nope. no can do. zero chances.

except, i cheated the system.

i went out of the matrix.

i planted a virus in the universe

spanning superstring mainframe.

that sure freaked her out huh?

("no its the khazars")

shut up you stupid little succubus.

evil beyond evil beyond evil.

and. really. the matrix? london? 1999?

i was gonna see it myself?

that was a SHIT movie you made.

all fucking gimicky.

with that loser from bill

and teds excellent adventure?

WTF? yeah. sure is fun getting

high on fly agaric huh?

anyway. sara is a mix of bella

and that whore julia.

i mean. not my julia.

some other one. a whore.

a braindead whore.

because thats all you are.

anyway. like i said.

1% are in stable


are for real.

but sara made

that up too?

woah. trip.

some psychologist called

karin johannison? WHAT?

and miss mom is

called karin johansson?

wow. imagination

overload there!

anyway. i was stupid.

i thought if someone

used a selfie and a name.

thats who they were.



and. i forgot that allyekhrah

said "i want to have sex with seas"

until just now. weird huh? "forgot".