La belle epoque

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La Belle Epoque


a ballad that's at about 9/11 parts at the moment
of what love does to a person. to a world
to an existance. which begins. and repeats

don't believe the voices (sure)
don't believe in comfort
it doesn't exist
comfort corrupts
is the only rule to live by

the rest is only at concept stage
and i can't imagine how they'd ever
turn to anything more than that
me is all i've got..
but things change
and it's
like my mother
once told me
"it gets better"

most people don't
get a single chance
in several existances
i got 2
i should be happy for that
it was called work
for no reason except work

if i'm stuck in a
demon and angel world
then the only way
to be saved by the
divine light:

isn't stealing

isn't douchebagging

isn't riches

isn't things

isn't friends

isn't happiness

isn't screwing around

rather it's

giving from the core of your being
to never ever think for a second
think you'll get anything for it

working for the man

losing all your riches

throwing away all your things

losing everyone who didn't mean anything real to you anyway

making mistakes
for it's the only thing
which makes us human

until you
turn into
a parent
where every
thought word action
over time

the loneliness of humans isn't real

the ego illusion is though

it must be

for all people


every single voxel

my heart is


with hatred

these days

beyond words

that's how revolutions are born

you can get by with basically nothing

so why collect? why love? why.. anything?

so is exploration of space needed?

i don't know

beauty is in everything

bella is in everything

i don't see how it matters

i've seen the ultimate reality

it wasn't for me

i don't know what is


i don't

i know one thing

i like writing

and i like

listening to music

IRL isn't for me

i'm too tired

i'm too burned out

for so long

for so long

for so long

before i even reached conciousness

i don't see the point in emotions

it just never stops

murder solves nothing

corruption solves nothing

double standards solve nothing

it's a liars liars liars world

it's a junkies junkies junkies world

at least i fought the fight

at least i loved

nothing is left

absolutely nothing

everyone seems hollow inside

way beyond my bottomless despair

so i write

and listen to music

this is
emma sofia maria
björn ove tomas
johansson jonsson

signing off for the day

i hope you enjoy the ride

i don't


do that

but the ride is

all we've got


av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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