La belle epoque, del 3 (alla texter)

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{parts: one · three }


so its strange that i
havent written about this
but its soon a 4 year anniversary
when bella and i first met
everything has its time

there was a health
and looks event
at fountain house
bellas mom eva had
started there 1 year prior
but i wasnt in the kitchen
and we just missed eachother

i think before i
met bella i did
meet her mom
i used to have tiny notes
of what i was
gonna say on stage
at radio totalnormal
and got teased about that
at the same time
i was doing photoshops
of ~20 stock images
they looked incredible
so i printed on one side the text
and the other some photoshop
on A3 paper
eva was impressed
and i gave it to her
she also got one of
my moms freeweaves
they were friends
for awhile
until mom got tired
of the cilentele
at fountain house

anyway so id smoked opium
in a really bad way
nothing seemed to happen
except i fell asleep on
the commute all the time
and looked 50 years older
yeah, i revitalized
from that luckely enough
but it was bad
what was good though
is that i came closer
to bellas frequency
then id had a tatu
the day before
and at the event
i was cleaning it
in a bad way
only for bella
to say later

anyway so i was bored
so i picked up one
of the smartphones
and wouldnt you know
bellas voice was
on the phone
they said theyre beeped and
hollared and rang a 100 times
but finally i was
on their frqeuency

so i say hi to the
platina retriever
and the mom
and take bellas hand
out to the other ones
quite quickly i notice
shes not comfortable there
so i take her inside instead
she said later
but thats just how
i treated anyone
as a unique treasure

so we go to the comp
she stands 2 meters away
and i go on my facebook
and as avatar i have
RPG alignments
you know
like mine
and she says
i wonder what she means
so i ask what her starsign is
but before she answers i say
because she reminded me
of another 2 libras whod
started at fountain
house recently
she does her magical mysterical smile
and shes wearing a wonderful
green/brown dress with patterns

then i figure i should
play one of my songs
so i chose TANTRA
its sexual but not overt
more sensual maybe
in the beginning i have
this fast synth loop
and she says

i take her upstairs
and do a bunch of experiments
with the music equipment
they got there
the platina retriever
comes with eva too
it was like it had wings
and theyre off

when i come home i play some
then the next day shes forgotten
but she never forgot about me



men jag har drömt
om att höra bil
verkade enkelt...

jag har drömt
om att hoppa
som en känguru
kändes naturligt

jag har älskat bella
det kändes så rätt



i crave the sky in my eyes
i crave the wind in my lungs
i crave raindrops on the grass
i crave the earth beneath my feet
i crave bella
but shes nowhere to be found
bella is the wind
and she calms my earth
bella is the butterfly
and it calms my ox
bella is the cats
and it calms my dog
i love you bella
more than any words
could ever speak
so i will continue writing
until the earth is no more
until then
you are my everything
and afterwards as well
until the suns
have stopped shining
until earthquakes have
obliterated every city
until theres nothing
but water in the universe
until then
i will just love
you more and more
for each passing day
because you are everything
i hope you find
your bella out there
you lonely people
or maybe a pelle
i know i got mine
where i need it
and i need you bella
for every grain of sand on earth
those are your riches
for every raindrop
is my tears of missing you
for every bird singing
theyre talking about us
i love you bella
i love you
jag älskar dig


i farted burped and sweated
for the first time in years
maybe i stopped when bella left me
maybe i died then
maybe i was alive for 1 single day
after she left me
then i fell apart
i farted burped and sweated



har du sett filmen?
nej men jag har
sett postern

har du hört låten?
nej men jag
har läst titeln

har du hört nyheten?
ja men bara rubriken

har du älskat mig bella?
ja men på avstånd



one time
a scent saved me
from despair

one time
shaving saved me
from despair

one time
bella saved me
from despair



jag älskar inte mig själv
jag älskar bella
jag älskar alla människor
alla djur alla träd allting.
bara genom att
ge kan man få
tycker inte jag är snygg
tycker inte jag är bäst
det är farligt



if happiness is only
things you remember
then i remember bella
our love
it was the most happiness ever
id wake out of bed each morning
and think "im so happy!"
and im happy
with bellas love
in my heart
you are my heart
i will never forget you
i said wed be together
after the world respawns
into an infinite black hole
and i love you so much bella
dont give up on me
i am crying as i am writing this
crying to me
is being alive
and you brought me back to life
so i bring you to life
in my poems
you deserve it
you deserve the best
i hope you got some
of that with me
those 3½ weeks
and that 2½ day engagement
not perfect but what is
jag älskar dig bella! <3



va många

bra poeter

det finns där ute

när man börjar läsa

men det mesta

handlar om

döden och sorg

allt det grå

men dina dikter

skulle jag tycka om

även om jag

inte kände dig

för de är spektrala



bella healed me
and yep
she did say
she could make me free
from all pain and suffering
and i was like
i dont think it will work
and if it will work
it will be the opposite after awhile
i lost that
i also thought that karolinska
the whole hospital would burn
then because of how theyve treated me
and i thought theyd treated me pretty well
how i broke bellas heart 2 years ago as well
bella was wonderful
and i will never forget her
we lasted 1½ year
my longest relationship
and only my second ever really
jag älskar dig bella!



i prayed until my hands shattered
i worked until my knees were no more
i looked for insight until i turned blind
i loved until i couldnt
remember all my grandchildren
i drank until my stomache were no more
i ate until i vomited up all my fears
i feared until i became the darkness
i was dark until i exhibited light
i was light until i flew
i flew until i reached beyond the sun
i was a son until i met bella
when i met bella all my dreams
i didnt know of became true
i became true until i couldnt lie no more
i lied no more and i lived
in light in andromeda
i told my mom to never visit me again
and i wrote no poems
i wrote this poem because
i let mom unto my life again
i live again and i die again
i am no more normal
i am a freak
and i like it that way
i like it that way because
i am a poet not a human
i do not believe in wellness
but i believe in wicca islam
hinduism shintoism and taoism
i know that is too hard to understand
for feeble minds
but i am not one
even if i suffer oh i suffer
i tried my second suicide attempt
and am almost paralyzed everywhere
but i am cyberpunk now nothing else
i write to live i wrote when i die
i write and write and write
until there is only the word
and it shall not pass unforgotten
the clock says ive written for 5 minutes
i used to write for 5 hours
but that times is passed
i dont know much what
my reason for living is
if it is not writing
and my mom inspires
me with her presence
so i guess i love her the most
thats how its always been
and always will be
bella is #2 and tessan is #3
and rhiannon and
kirin is their ½'s
if i dont write i dont know what to do
that, and coffee, real strong
so it tastes like petrol
maybe i should change my addiction
as bella once said
no, but i made myself
a great ole tatu yet again
thanks for reading
if you cared
and said none
like'd none
still liked
in the ether
and beyond pluto and lilith
tsofmia neptlith
tomas sofia
i go by
bye bye



jag vet inte direkt vad relation betyder
vad betyder kärlek?
en kyss?
en kram?
en blick?
ett leende?
en djup konversation?
intravaginalt sex?
att bo tillsammans?
det gjorde jag
bara med bella
så mycket bella
och jag gjorde
men det var en
internet relation
i början och slutet
och mittemellan
vi var bara
4 veckor
men det var på riktigt
bella är min relation
till allt och alla
att relatera till



so i posted la belle epoque ½ on allpoetry
and 2 days later
im at the grocery store at noon
have just eaten at the tavern
and theres a whole host of teeny boppers
one had long brown hair like bella
she didnt really look that much like her
not that beautiful features
but i knew it was her in another form
she had the most beautiful
blue jeans
miracles do happen
and no i didnt
dare talking
to her
but it was
talking to me through the ether
through actions
thats how gods and angels work
they make weird things happen
out of the blue
that you never imagined
thus the saying
"you might not
always get
what yuo want
but sometimes
what you get
is so much better
than what you
ever imagined"
miracles do happen



its been 2½ years
since bella broke up with me
and i miss her more than ever
i need her by my side now
("i have always been by your side
i am the wind i am the ether
youll never lose me")
i miss you bella
i miss you bella
i miss you so much



forget me tomas

you dont owe

me anything

its over now


Var du älskad min vän ?

ja, av bella <3

Hur såg kärleken ut i så fall ?

den var komplicerad. men vi gjorde
konst och poesi ihop och musik :)

Fick du kramar och pussar ?

jaaa! fick fjärilskramar av bella :)

och en puss på nacken, det finaste...

fick det av erika också :)


du är inte bara
rik och snygg
du är klok också

Fick du gråta ?

ja, bella fick mig in på snus
med det blev jag både
genuint glad
och glädjetårar
och genuint arg

Fick du vara
kinkig och besvärlig ?

OM jag var...

Fick du vara arg ?

ja men sen blev jag suicidal...

Fick du prata och säga vad du ville ?

jag pratade för mycket
gav inte bella plats...
vi har pratat så mycket
att man inte får luft!"
- bella

Var kärleken
fri eller villkorad ?

både och
hon jobbade hela dagen
så jag skrev till henne
på chatt
och var kreativ...

Blev du accepterad,
förstådd och bekräftad

verkligen, hon var den bästa...

eller hunsad och slagen ?

jag lät bella slå mig :)

ja hon hönsade mig en del
men vad jag inte visste
var att hennes vänner
och familj
gick in på hennes
konto också och skrev
vet i alla fall att natalie
blev kär i mig också
och tessan, hennes syrra :)

Vad gjorde det med dig...
vem blev du med den kärleken ?

jag blev ganska tom efteråt
det är 3 års jubileum
sen hon gjorde slut...
men jag har skrivit
mer dikter om henne
än jag gjorde när
vi var tillsammans
kanske 200 st totalt
och 15 skivor...



so i figured
immortal techniques words
were more beautiful than music
then i asked a grey
whats more
than music
she said
a flower
bella used to call me her flower
thats why i love bella anyway
she was a sweetheart up to the end
 i love you bella! <3
youre sweetér than honey
better than mead
sting harder
than a bulletbee
and you could handle me
for so long
was amazing
my last girlfriend managed 1½ week
i know therell be others
but none of them will be
i love thee
ghbi harakiri



i wish i was like bella

she does make up
for 3 hours per day
and showers 3 hours per day

it would be useful
in closed psychiatric care
to make the days go by

and besides
people treat you better
if you look good
and smell good

i wish i was like bella



Det var några minusgrader ute
jag bär bella
hon vägde väl 45 kilo eller något
när vi kommer förbi a-laget
så kastar jag henne upp i luften
hon stönar
det var bara en kort ögonblick
men det bäst hon varit med om...

jag bär erika
hon vägde väl ungefär samma
men bröststorleken var skillnaden
hon frågar efter ett tag
i sin söt mus stämma
"kan du släppa ned mig nu?"

jag ligger på en bänk
inne på karolinska
erika sitter bredvid
hon är gravid
så ligger inte ovanpå mig
jag sluter mina ögon
och viskar
"kyss mig!"
hon kysser mig på halsen
jag dog

hade inte ätit
fastfood på
ett halvår
mor kommer
med dubbel inbakad
jag dog

jag lyssnar på
någonting på youtube
med bellas mobil
hon diskar
helt plötsligt
kommer hon över
och kysser
mig på halsen
jag dog




im at the

community place

got to talk 3 mins

before he got tired

bella once said

the best thing you

can give someone

is your attention

and no one loves me

as much as bella



bella and i once made love
bella and i once made love
and it was beautiful
bella and i once made love
in an armchair
that was a hierloom armchair
50 years old or something
it was beautiful
she turned to beautiful
somehow we kept at it
for 5 whole hours
her hair turned red
and got all curly
bella and i once made love
bella and i once made love
and it was beautiful
and she was beautiful
shes still my only one
because shes beautiful
on the inside
on the outside
on every side
of a 1000 side crystal
of the diamond white
gold ring i bought her
that i put on my own finger
and my whole world fell apart
but it doesnt matter
i love bella
bella loves i
("jag älskar dig tomas")
och jag älskar dig bella




bella är
vad du än vill
att hon ska vara
tessan är
vad du än vill
att hon inte ska vara
så är det bara
bella är
alla dina
i ett
tessan är alla
dina bekymmer
i ett
sånt som du kanske
inte visste om världen
men du kommer lära dig
för att föra det vidare
du är från
av din planet
du är utvald
sumpa inte chansen
livet är lärdom
det är allt det är
tomas och sofia är
det får du
reda på
tills slut

bella is
whatever you
want her to be
tessan is
whatever you dont
want her to be
thats just how it is
bella is all
your hopes
in one
tessan is all
your worries
in one
together you are three four five
these are things
you didnt know about living
but you will learn
because you should
pass it on
to your tribe
you are from the
nobility of our planet
you are chosen
dont waste your chance
youre the last hope
life is learning
thats all there
is to it
tomas and sofia is
youll find out



an early goodbye tracey
even if you are far away =*( </3

i feel worse than ever before
the stomache med ruined me
i have so much anxiety
even when i woke up

on the plus side
i think bella was here?
on christmas
or the day after
they wouldnt
let her in

but i heard
no words
from her


maybe it was her
maybe it was bella <3 =*)
out of sync, as usual

will she be
at my funeral?
who will die first?
but my heart doesnt
beat her for anymore,
even if she asked to
never let go of her paw
my heart doesnt beat at all
my bloodpressure
was 70/50
some time ago
which is quite low

but im sure
its been lower
when my vision
because i couldnt
close my eyes
faded to grey


merry christmas tracey

i hope you have a good one <3
another end of the world
i hope its not true
but i dont think
it will ever
get better



so we had been going
for it steady for 2 years
but it hadnt exactly been steady
i dont know if its been months
or even a year
since we made love
i dont count the days
but it was more and more
tension building up
until we had a huge argument
rhiannon went on her side
while kirin was crying in bed
and the cats starting hissing at me
and neuf clawed me on my ankle
so i pretty much ran away from there
i was thinking about
protected custody
lots of things
but i ended up spending
the night at the pub
i took cold tapwater
because im boring like that
and a hamburger
and theirs is real tasty
i was thinking at first to do take away
but there was one woman
who seemed to know everyone there
her name was beija
so i figured hey maybe
i can sit next to her
because all other
seats were taken
maybe it would work
we ended up talking for 6 hours
she sort of looked to be my mum
and i teased her about that
she seemed to know
everything about everything
an opera geek i guessed first
had been in church choirs
she said after 3 hours
and i kissed her cheek
the last hour
she said
and we had again built up tension
but in a better way than
me and bella
and it was like magic
my whole body sparkled
and i think she
could feel it too
i interupted her
i went home to bella again
come hell and high water
when i arrived
everyone was sleeping
except for neuf and 1 kitten
he had gotten a friend!
kirin and rhiannon
were as usual embraced together
when sleeping
before they were born
we figured theyd want a bed each
but gave it away eventually
since they just couldnt be apart
like siamese twins
filling in eachothers words
so i laid in bed with my clothes on
i didnt take note of bella
i was just so tired
but all that conversation
was whirling around in my mind
strangely enough bella usually
chats with her friends
until like 3 after midnight
but now it was 2
and her smartphone
wasnt even near
eventually i looked at her
and noticed there was a stuck
mascara tear on her cheek
of course i regretted
saying those things too
but we needed to get out steam
so i kissed her
i think 35 times
before she woke up
with a cheshire smile
just a second later
she felt her cheek
and scurried to the bathroom
she usually does her makeup at night
and sleeps with it
works for her
at least
she started sobbing
and the shower went on
but i didnt dare to go there
had i been unfaithful?
what is sex really?
is it just intra-vaginal?
i had all these conflicting
thoughts in my mind
but eventually after an hour
i took off my clothes
and cusped her now big boobs
and began kissing her
all over
when i reached her butt
libras think with their bottom
she started quivering
and started crying
and then laughing
then she shook so much
she fell right on her butt
first crying
then laughing even more
so i sat on my knees
next to her
and asked
she replied after 10 secs
yes yes yes yes!
it took 3 months of preparations
but then all her closest
friends were there
about 1000
but many came and went
and some dozen from my family
when it came to the rings
i just started kissing her
and never stopped
again she cried and laughed
and she looked so beautiful like that
all emotions at once
what she says my poetry is like
eventually rhiannon and kirin
let out in a chorus
and then they sprinted up
they were good runners
and they read a lot of books
theyre good with everything
better than both bella and me
at things even
theyre the best
rhiannon put the ring on my finger
and kirin on bellas
the rest of the day
we spent in a pool on the property
dancing in the water with everyone
like dancing in space
now its been another 2 years
and we are shakey again
she doesnt want to be touched by me
and i dont want to touch her
it just feels wrong
and ive started going to that pub
and other places too
but beija is nowhere to be found
i dont know what to do now
so figured i could at least
write it down
for some to be dazzled
and entertained
for what its worth



det behövs inte avancerad
numerologi kunskap att förstå
att för 1 år sen
var det 1½ år sen bella
gjorde slut med dig
och vi funkade i 1½ år
det som hände efter 1½ år var
att jag provade kokain
det förstörde
hela mitt liv
på många sätt
men det gjorde mig
också starkare
och sofia kom fram
nu vet jag inte
om jag hade valt det
istället för att gå till
langaren som bodde
vägg i vägg med mig
kanske jag skulle
tagit det lugnt
lugn är viktigt för oxar
så om du vill göra någon galet
ta det lugn ett tag istället
invänta rätt tillfälle
och du kommer lära dig
att ta det lugnt
att tänka i lugn fart
i sängen när du inte är trött
är något förträffligt
jag har inte tagit mycket droger
men det är tillräckligt för mig
nu tar jag snus och kaffe
inte för att bli hög
utan för att hålla mig frisk
det är väl det viktigaste
eller hur?



and i can no longer
turn stone to air
or air to stone
since i started smoking
i am ether now
and unexpectantly
since i ruin my lungs
i get anxiety from smells
going to the stinky 1000 smell mall
i get anxiety
going where the homeless take a dump
i get anxiety
being inside my home
i get anxiety
even stranger
brushing my teeth
which removes scents
give me anxiety
except i dont get anxiety
since im ether
so my teeth hurt
but not from a lack of flouride
or because of smells
because its all relative
my right skull part is ruined
since long past
and its not getting better
so i cant save the earth anymore
as a grey said a month ago
we are not afraid of you
but since it is all relative
i know i love bella
and i know bella loves me
and i love so many people
and the addition is greater than the parts
so my love is stronger than mother earth
and my poetry will last awhile
i did break bellas heart entirely
and she left me
and she came back
and she faded away
but the greys said something sweet
arent you and belal together again
as long as i write about her
i love you bella
and get back
i love you tomas
we are together
in another realm
but i am not that much ether
so i do now know of that world
which is all of bellas world
but opposites attract
its science
its physics
for each action
there is an equal
and opposite reaction
but love has no opposite
what gets more and more
the more you take of it
it is love
it is my love
for bella
jag älskar dig bella
och bella älskar dig



im a broken shell
of a man since you
left me bella
but you broke me
when we were together
and i broke you
one time or two or three
whos counting really
but you were
sweetest up until
the last moment
thats why i love you



drömmer inte
tänker inte
sover inte
älskar kanske bella
ibland inte
men om man känner
någon tillräckligt väl
om de släpper in en
kan man inte göra
annat än att älska de
om de är sig själva med en
om man litar på varandra

i love bella i love her not i think i love bella

not dreaming
not thinking
not sleeping
maybe i love bella
im not sure
if you know someone enough
if they let you in
then you cant do
anything but love them
if they are
themselves with you
if you trust eachother








jag var något
konstigt sorts
sur på min
syster sara och hennes
tvillingsjäl fredrik länge
de har vart tillsammans i 2½ decennier
kommer inte ihåg exakt när det släppte
för nåt år sen kanske
för jag träffade bella
för att jag gjorde hon
och hennes syster gravid
för att rhiannon och kirin
är de mest otroliga ungarna någonsin
för att jag lärde mig att man ska sköta sig
även om man inte träffar sina barn
så påverkas de av allt
man gör tänker säger känner
och de påverkar mig lika mycket
och sen var det så
att jag drack 3 öl
jag som inte dricker öl
och jag gjorde en kort dikt
och la upp den
på svenskadikter
som kort och gott hette
och det verkar som om
min blodssyster
kommenterade den
och jag insåg
sara har alltid varit vid min sida
hon har skapat mig
hon är lika mycket min mamma
som karin och chelsea
bella sa en gång
att hon önskar
hon fött mig
och jag önskar
att jag var bellas pappa
och tagit hand om henne bättre
än vad hennes familj gjorde
men nu är det tid för det
med ree ree och neuf och jossorna
och tessan som hälsar på 1 gång i veckan
ibland undrar jag om hon bara kommer
för att avreagera sig
ja jag vet
jag ska ha
snyggare hemma
jag ska diska
jag ska duscha
jag ska klippa håret
varför hjälper hon inte till
men till slut mjuknar också hon upp
när hon ser att jag går sönder inombords
hon fixade snabbt en tatu med TOMAS
var nånstans vet jag inte
hon vill alltid älska
i komplett kolsvart
för hon tycker inte om sin kropp
jag gör det inte heller
men jag skiter i
att jag inte ser ut
som en macho karl
jag är mig själv ändå
om nästan ingen
tycker om mig
spelar ingen roll
för jag träffade jessica
för jag träffade leyla
för jag träffade ida
jag träffade julia
jag träffade maria
jag träffade bella
och alla hennes vänner och
bekanta och familj
och halva blekinge och
det är så många att omgås med
att jag inte vet vad
jag ska göra med alla
då funkar alltid trekant
eller orgie
de e bella de



Ja jag har träffat din syrra nu
(nej det var inte ett partaj)

som du vet har jag mest träffat ditt mörker
fast jag ser dig som världens snällaste tjej
du tror ju att jag är otrogen hippsomhappsom
men jag har äntligen träffat tessan!
så spännande
var det
inte direkt
jag sniffade hur mycket aceton som helst
egentligen skulle jag bara måla naglarna
och på den vägen var det
vipps omkull till sankt görans vid kungsholmen
det var totalt batshit där
fattade ingenting
låg bara på en bår katatonisk
jag fattade det först nån dag
senare att det var din syrra
helt plötsligt in all despair
ser jag någon komma in i en bodybag
du hörde rätt
en fucking bodybag
hon var stonecold dead
hur jävla många timmar som helst
no doubt about it
jag ligger där och spelar död nån timma
helt plötsligt hör jag någon svamla
till slut kan jag urskilja "bella.. bella..
bella.. bella.. bella.." i flera minuter
i världens ljusaste röst, inte som den
jag hört på telefonen direkt
vid typ 2 på natten går jag för att kissa
men det finns bara tomma rum
en rökruta för 1 person
och sen.. en dörr öppen, där din syrra ligger
hon såg ut som.. oh god.. hur FAN ska
man beskriva DET DÄR??!?!?!?!
"balsamerat lik" är det
närmaste jag kan förklara det
mörk mörk brun på huden
men inte från solning
utan från uttorkning
från, dum de dum..
för mycket alkohol
som du skvallrat och
förtalat henne om
du har visst fått terapi
medan du fick pyttebröst
så fick tessan alla andra dåliga
egenskaper som du inte vill kännas vid
som jag fattade typ 1 månad sen
som la till mig på din Facebook
så hela din släkt och vänner m.m.
kan alla dina lösenord
det är så man gör i familjen
eller hur?!
men ja
jag älskar allt med dig
även om det är din morsa
som skriver till mig
eller din syrra
eller fröken erixon
jag älskar er
vi älskar oss
för alltid
och evigt
får se när ibugain släpps på svenska marknaden
can't wait can't wait can't wait



jag förstår nu

människor som missbrukar

som är skitstövlar och säger

till andra att inte knarka

även de gör mer och mer

oavsett hur dåligt du mår utan

att röka joints med kompisar

går det alltid att må sämre

av efterverkningarna av droger

det är inte värt det

alla pratar så gott

om hur HÖGA de blivit

men de talar aldrig om

hur hårt de faller sen

det är inte värt det

av Bella's Blomma (ris och ros)

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