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so its strange that i havent written about this. but its soon a 4 year anniversary when bella and i first met. everything has its time

anyway. there was a health and looks event at fountain house. bellas mom, eva, had started there 1 year prior, but i wasnt in the kitchen and we just missed eachother

i think before i met bella i did meet her mom. i used to have tiny notes of what i was gonna say on stage, and got teased about that. at the same time, i was doing photoshops of ~20 stock images, they looked incredible. so i printed on one side the text and the other some photoshop. eva was impressed, and i gave it to her. she also got one of my moms freeweaves, they were friends for awhile, until mom got tired of the cilentele at fountain house.

anyway. so id smoked opium. in a really bad way. nothing seemed to happen, except i fell asleep on the commute, and looked 50 years older. yeah, i revitalized from that luckely enough, but it was bad. what was good though, is that i came closer to bellas frequency. then id had a tatu the day before, and at the event i was cleaning it in a bad way, only for bella to say later I THOUGHT YOU HAVE INJECTED GASOLINE.

anyway, so i was bored, so i picked up one of the smartphones, and wouldnt you know, bellas voice was on the phone. they said theyre beeped and hollared and rang a 100 times, but finally, i was on their frqeuency.

so i say hi to the platina retriever and the mom, and take bellas hand out to hte other ones. quite quickly i notice shes not comfortable there, so i take her inside instead. she said later YOU SAW ME, but thats just how i treated anyone, as a treasure.

so we go to the comp, she stands 2 meters away. and i go on my facebook, and as avatar i have RPG alignments, you know, like mine, neutral/good/chaotic. and she says "thats me!" i wonder what she means, so i ask what her starsign is, but before she answers i say LIBRA, because she reminded me of another 2 libras whod started at fountain house recently. she does her magical mysterical smile. and shes wearing a wonderful green/brown dress with patterns.

then i figure i should play one of my songs, so i chose TANTRA, its sexual but not overt more sensual maybe. in the beginning i have this fast synth loop, and she says THATS WHAT FAIRYS SOUND LIKE.

anyway, i take her upstairs, and do a bunch of experiments with the music equipment they got there. the platina retriever comes with eva too, it was like it had wings. and theyre off.

when i come home i play some ISABELLA ISA BELLA LA danish tune, then the next day shes forgotten. but she never forgot me.

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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