Lady storm

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Lady storm


look you poor shit
on a 100-bit ½G
connection plan
that cant afford more
than 1 google lyrics
search per month

i spit more words
across the
than an optiplex
dragon kerberos
medusa mouths

i am not the
human google
i am google
without me
the omniverse
would implode
on my last atom

oh! another
but youll
never be me
think like me
fuck me
look like me
every strand on your hair
used to be a personality

and youre not
not matter how much
hydrogen peroxide
pills you take
and hair straightening
to get that perfect
neo african fake

because im pink
like a bully victim
with a formerly white T
that radiates darkness
across the room
who might
just be on a
killingspree for all
your jocks babys
wholl think they
theyre bad trip
on shrooms

you dont know
about eating nastily
i counted my freckles
up to 100 000
from 10 000 a year ago
thats 90000 more souls
my body has gobbled up

dont give me a
selfie stare
as most of the
ones spirits
are centered
around my glare

dont try
to flee
up to the
or down in the
deep blue sea
all i have to do is
think think think
she she she
and youll never
stop my arrest
and my brighter than
elisabeth bathory glee

in a 100 years
everyone will be a
lizardy jew redhead
with green eyes

because i shoot off more
sperm across the world
than mcdonalds can
churn out frenchfries

oh youre ice cold
like cocaine?
im ice pure and simple
i sleep in -30c and wake up
warm and cuddly like my wife
the spider goddess lilith
and we have no strife

you wanna fuck up my bitch?
be prepared to be poisoned
raped and arranged
into tiny little pieces
as shes on an itch
you tiny coward
shithole pisces

i am darker than black holes
because they dont matter shit
theyre just the universes assholes

i am black light
which is harder to
put into words
than the
string voxel
or vortex law

i am the law
which youll
never understand
and keep getting
punished for
for 400 years
like your
in fancy cars
and jewelry
who still work

i am black matter
without the lives
i am not immortal
i am that which
rebirths the universe
would you like
to be my next dream?

ill give you multiple
creams in 1 µ-sec flat
from every
hole imaginable
leaving you
99% dehydrated
making a new
pyramids of giza
in your honour
after i suck out
your alcoholized
hidden A-Z
mental disease

im in wuhan
eating batshit
from their lab
regurgating it
into a nice pile
of steaming
horse shit
all thats left
of your saviours
middle passage
after he removed
all samples and
featured artists

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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