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wow that was lame youre the first darpanet 7 kilo baud ipv1 email rehashed as a two letter acronym sms to explain all that vibrant bromanstonemanship youre 1337 and im all the cosmological constants to explain the m theory beyond the vortexes in the dysonverse im a fractal fed on a 64k sony rgcmykorp by the main japanese siamese scientists akari and akira harakiri by so called zero matter energy until the universe runs out of blacklight and blackmatter im utf 16 im dimension 0 because i am the breath of the universe a lymphsystem that keeps all shit together ancient redwoodragons even more ancient mycorrhiza triple bond hey those tatus are cool could you steal the hubble telescopes gamma ray camera and photo my tatus that are only visible in the 111th dimension i mean you can see 48 dimensional time it shouldnt be a problem right or is your dopefiend method flawed hey true bullied kids dont have friends because theyre so wrecked they destroy their only twinflame bond saturn venus protection and 65536k crystaline yellow platinum 30th transcendental chakra aura and adamantine armour wealth worth more than the worlds nonbuilt megacity ai stockbot 1000x in 10 years inflation