Last night a demon came into my head

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last night a demon came into my head

it was around 1 hour to midnight

id been halfsleeping

looking at music videos

one thing for me

is that i sleep restlessly

almost never REM

also the fact

when i try to sleep

or rest

at night

it feels like someones

watching me


some entity


so i had rearranged my bed

to get more air from the window

when i turn the other way to laptop

and i hear these 2 squiggly sounds

at the back of my head

like where the pineal gland is

i dont think much of it

and fall asleep not much later

the next day i slept in until noon

and together with my breathe

was something elses

i dont know if this entity is gone from me

or i have more disturbances

maybe i made it better for the creature

i didnt notice change in my behaviour

in either case

last night a demon came into my head

av Tsofmia Neplith (ris och ros)

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