Letter from a soldier

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Letter from a soldier;

Here I stand
So powerful and true
So true that I can’t stop loving you
I would bleed out for you
‘Cause I can still feel your touch on my skin
I can still hear your voice deep within
I can feel your tears
Knowing you're crying
So clear it sounds,
Why are you not here
 Lying by my shoulder,

My soul is waiting
The final moment is here
Now the battle has begun
I know that there's no return
I will die here today
Or live to die another day
Will I survive this and come home
Only my soul knows,

When the bright sky turns gray
And everyone is screaming
I’ll close my eyes
Whisper your name
And my lost hope will return,

Even when the day is night
I will always be longing for you
Until there's just you and I.
Your dear soldier.


Sofia Sotz

7 månader sedan
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mästerfullt. gör en låt av den!


6 månader sedan
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heil hitler

Mother Hecate

10 dagar sedan
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aww knarkare är så känsliga


6 månader sedan
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all makt åt Hitler vår befriare
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