Like a mafia family

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my dad didnt say a lot
he screamed more
but sometimes he said
something clever
like once
i was home from school
and lying in bed
listening to music
he goes to my room
and says
"tomas, youre selfish"
and like baam
i started cooking food at home
eventually i almost spent
8 hours per day cooking
the only problem was
dad whined almost every single time
sometimes he didnt even
want to eat my dishes
eventhough i started making
triple courses for dinner
so, one of the last time
i cooked for the family
i made pajella
i always just improvised
depending on what
was at home
then he had a glad story
that some folks my fam
knew long ago maybe
before i was born
treated us to pajella
cant win em all
im cooking now
food i dont even like that much
like oatmeal porridge
and eggs in all
sorts of combinations
......and ketchup
theres not much
genuine food left
at least they dont put
gene manipulated
corn syrup in it
like even LIDL
has started doing
with their chocolate
check the link in the comments
its not finished yet
but if i was to have finished
my gastronomy education
at the university
thatd been my master degree
it can be cooked
with ingredients
that dont need a
fridge nor freezer
and now i even figured
out a way to cook it
without using heat

av Tee Jay (ris och ros)

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