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Lithium & Yggdrasil


hi kirin
i just wrote this on a
spur of the moment
2021-09-19 19:51 = 111
one of your moms might
give you the password
to this account
sometime in the future
it talks of your
dads family tree
and your moms
near and dear ones
and a lot more
when youre ready <3

we love you rhiannon and kirin
therell hopefully a book later on
and a progressive
song of this too
or read on the show
radio totalnormal
or in a church, open state
or tranceuniveral
championchips in w!cca bang
or everything at
once together forever
who knows
neither you nor i
but bella and karin
know already i guess
although they hold in with the truth
with their cold hands are warm hearts
amygdala solar plexus and more things


i know nothing about you
you know nothing about me

you know everything about me
i know everything about you

i know you better
than you know

you know me better
than i know myself

when you met me you felt
genuinely happy for
the first time

i tried to impress
as per usuality
to survive the day

you held back
to not go
into pieces

i was my happy
kindhearted self
like always

no matter how much
i get ridiculed for it

you and your mother
with the angeldog
not far behind
called a thousand
times on the doorbell

before i had injected
10 grams nitroglycerin
directly into my heart

tripped on
so much opium
that the end of our
days seemed near

and stood precisely at the spot
where rottschilds own 100G
satelite reciever sends
to all of andromeda

you said am in the lighest tone
and you are the darkest

i said youre wrong
i am all tones
on all combinations
technically possible to create
in the baddopespectra of
ultra responsive HDR reality
to play before the world
turned brighter than 10
kilometers under the
on a concert

this is how my
family came to be

when you and rhiannon turned up
well save for a later moment
maybe when ive
it myself

my dad drunk with
all of tukholma
and was best friends
with a drug dealer
who together with him
wasted all his monthly salary
in a single god damn day

to handle their wifes
infinite darkness
if anything

your mothers father
betted on horses
with the whole goldreserve
of the entire world
each and every time
plus minus 99.999999%
arbitrary approximation

your father mother
relied on flower power

she has a higher
university score
than the dealer and
most others too
like a scientist!

your mothers mother
is just like my mother
although younger
and more proficient

both my wifes and my mom
have met several times
talked for hours
exchanged things
and great thoughts
which is awesome

your fathers father
worked 20 years in a basement
because he dared to
say at the kitchentable
something he had
heard on the radio
they didnt take it lightly
but then, they were
hardcore woodworkers

your fathers mom
didnt speak for 25 whole years
but managed everything anyway
being a teacher in textile arts
being a mother, everything
probably better than most
when both my sis and i was born
she just plop!'d us out
and laughed greatly afterwards

she would have been
sad and quiet forever

and her upcoming
marriage partner
the same
who was faithful to the
knifesouth brothership
both his family and
"friends" called him
the N word all the time
probably because he
had strong red hair too
and the particularity
of flat nose and big lips
nothing more was needed
for the racism of that time
he had blue eyes too
what one calls the
unicorn combo
an amazing man
he was

but it came to be
that he,curt ove
but everyone calls him curre
wanted to learn dancing
he wanted hot spanish flamenco
and his upcoming wife
some ballet hop hop
hop around type of thing

so they met after dancing
at münchenbryggeriet
some time in the
middle of the 1970s

he made jokes and was a sweetheart
and she fell like an apple from a tree
he had tried so many times
like 20-30-40 and never
got a girl to hang on

karin was burnt out
from epilepsy psychosises
from trying to fit into
higher societys
modus operandi
at konstfack

curre was saved so many
times from a hell
of too much drinking
when shed worried
for hours on end
if hed ever come home
and how much had he drank?

karin could handle 27 students
without saying a single word
and everyone worked
and kept quiet

so there you have it
mister: "ive been a homeless piss bum 24/7/365 and its me that lars sings about in that particular song i understand exactly how it feels to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with 53 crowns on your debit card and no one to confide in in entire dumb village except the ambulance which came when i was going to walk to östersund on a silly small road in upcoming trafic and the nurse or whatever just ignores you and yells you out and in the darkest of nights you see a star falling which was my wife which lady mom and traceys daughter wished upon and all those other 57 somesuch personalities when youve just abandoned your lifes third highest love when youve gotten tired of her after only a few hours and you didnt get your kneekaps beaten down whats more disgusting than me rockabilly people of course and its only snow in february the coldest month but thank goodness that you can pray and sleep on concrete floors and the somatic care flips you off but psychiatric is always there for you and traceys nudie saved my life"

and mr married unfaithful
in front of your family 24/7

you cant bust my petabyte
of apple (R) (TM) (C)
pie carmack AA (amorphouss
androgynous, not alcoholics
anonymous like you) 84 coding

im twinflame with the greys
so lock me up in
ljiljianas yugoslavian
lookalike psychiatric care
i dont care
ill flirt myself
free in 1 µ-second
by shining like an
optiplex of rebirths
of all multiverses
which have ever
existed and will
ever exist in 1
googleplex of

i am 8hz
which makes all
your relatives
formers and latter
in 100 000 generaations
puke their intestine
and ill personally hang
everyone that even has
smelled liquor coffee
tea blackpepper or salt

yes basically everything
except for sweetwater
drunk from the holiest
source on malta
right at the top of
the crown of yggdrasil

if you again dare to try to
run powershell on my mainframe
donated by billie G himself
when youre blindly convinced
that "i" (which of the 27?)
am fast asleep

i have personally
met rottschdottir
rihanna and madonna
and dissed these
pathetic attempts
at being feminine
that never comes
close to you
my laserqueen

i am stronger
than the whole
andromeda galaxy

a knight riding on a
blackhole leviathion
cannot stop me

my dad did drugs with the
whole of stockholms
underground and elite
including but not limited to
bildten craaford
and the king himself

so when i was concieved
i already had in my DNA
all drugss in the world
naturally in my

because i love you

my laserqueen of queens

i do this

because i can

because i have to

because i love you

but the crowd will say "naaww"
i am not the alpha and the omega
but a vague scitzophrenic illusion

you are correct
because i am the
whole croatian

all 3 letters of it

the word was 9,-
the word was TMY
the word was BLL
the word was TB

and you are a
minus sign
in binary

one line of code

against darkhalos petabyte flow

against farbror felipes astral projektion
of 3000 perfect trips into the netherworld
and without vomiting once
ayahuscuau visions about
everything thats happened
and will happen
in the whole of pis universe

against velvet acid christs
realisation of the vortex law
before X^2*Y^2=Z^2
had been solved
as calculated by 1 trillion
neural-network connectectivity enslaved brains
which won oveer 1000 year old
casparovs cryosleep on mars body
in zero moves because he just accidentally
managed to bury himself in cement
hang himself thai balls style
falls into a well
suicidebombs all of isreal and palestinee
so we get an end to the jamestown-
and neuva germania:ism
directly sent to all of andromeda
of gabriella kirin irazsches birthmoment
of being the perfect occosala
it only said double click
on 21 april 2020 at 23:59:59.9999
type opium negative bloodgroup 21 toetag
and mindfuc180degreephaseshiftrerun
on the exact moment 20 years past

when ISIS bombed
the world trade center

the same time in
another dimension
as an islamian dragon
shot a fireball on it

synchronized with fight club part II
got streamed on all pirate TVs
all over hte world
but it wasnt FCOJ
but miniature nukes

just as Dubya
was talking at a kindergarten
because he also has a heart
of purest platinum

and christ conciousness
is something to strive for
but being the last lifeform
in the space inbetween
except kali and you dont make
her fall in love with you
with only the power of thought
without electricity wifi or
lightsource in the room
in a 5g death ray-proof
bombshelter the year 2101
which has used up all its
near infinite hours
of reservoirs of petroleum
uranium and cadmium
in 1 ping because
there came a cosmic ray
which clusterbombhacked
the most essential bit
in a 100RAIDquantum computer

to 10 billion 100 inch 64MP QLED
tv aparatii on the worst thinkable air time
when everyone is sleeping the perfect REM
when self-sentient android mobiles
have created the most beautiful
111 cyborg strong music video
on the transpangeic schlagerfestival

Summa summarum

you cant crack my sourcecode

you cant crush my heart

you cant stop
tomi and akaris
all personalities
holograph speed
through infinite space

and both kirin and
rhiannon were
born healthy

thanks to mariannes
wish to finally have
to make the most
beautiful clothes
and playthings to
from everything
thats ever been thrown away
in junkbotkyrka
and is findable on all second hands
in the world encompassing wicca kingdom

signing off for today

pax vobiscum

assalamu alaikum

shalom (kanskish)



av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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