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an old story by my means
i hit town to get drunk
which is quite unusual for me
i was gonna go to a bar
have a drink
and go home
had no more hopes
but as i was exiting
the commute
i heard music
latin music
so i headed there
i took a beer
and two
and three
and dared to ask
the ultimately lady
dressed in black and red
to dance
we danced but i
couldnt control her
but it was ok
then i took a fourth beer
some 20s chicks flirted with me
so i go to their table
then she gives me her phone
i head home not much later
i forget about the phone
have a coffee
yes i sleep from coffee
i fall asleep
and 3 in the morning
i get a beep on the phone
that one
it was her dad
are you sleeping
at a friends house
quickly i realized
that girl had stolen
another girls phone
everything happens
on the other side
so i message him back
telling the truth
he comes 2 hours later
and says his daughter
gets in a lot of trouble
she drinks more now than
i did in his youth
he says
and thanks my honesty
now he just has
to find his daughter
i dont know the rest
of the story
but as they say
tell the truth
skip the middle passage
tell the truth
do not yield to anger
and anger can
show in many ways
like egoism
its anger towards others
who supposedly
have it better
than you
i am 0% metal in
chinese starsigns
which also means 0% luck
but i had a plastic
statue of ganesha
and a poster
and i made lots of
books for miss mom
one was about chakras
and ganesha praised me
i got 3 names
years apart
as telepathy
as im pisces in the moon
i am a medium
so then i got plenty money
for the rest of my life
as a praise
from the god
no matter how lonely you are
there are always the gods
and angels watching out for you
dont give up
no matter what
then they win
then satan and
shaitan and demons
if its dark try to live through it
be ingenious
theres always a solution to everything
no matter how dark your
past or present or future
i now get migraines
and its a new world
but i suffer through it
i try pain pills
but they dont always work
and have strange side effects
they make me energic
lying in bed for hours
writing poems in my head
which others who know me
get as visions
so here you visionaries
this is for you

av Morphine Rebirth (ris och ros)

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