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I started with bitchute in the beginning of the year. Soon enough, I got to know that it was not possible to comment on jim's videos. I thought this was true for everyone. As I had gotten my second shot in september/october the year before, I did not think of it as influencing my online presence.

Then strangely enough Starhawthorne said I could "comment" on the video she linked. The problem is, that link also had "disabled" comments. Logging out later on, I noticed that jim's videos had comments. I did not think I said anything out of the ordinary on the shadowbanning, but later got to know that I mentioned the psychiatric system.

Jim is a slave to the greys. Many many people whine about the greens, but the greys are just as lethal. I was just in psychiatric closed care for a week, and it was fucking horrendous. Last night I banged my skull into the wall some 200-300 times, and this made the greys "pleased" with me. Sick fuckers. I am now free again, as free one can be with graphene in ones body.

I don't think c60 would work on me. I quickly accustum myself to my surroundings, this is also inherent in my inner world: whatever drug or food I take or whatever accent I hear, I get used to it quickly.

As you might have noticed, the newer versions of Microsoft Windows needs a 2,56 sec "initialising" time, for searching on things or when clicking on a hyperlink. I have found this is true for "reality" as well recently.

That is, if you try to talk to someone, it won't work, you need to stop in your tracks, and wait the 2.56 initilisation time to go into effect. If it is multiple people talking, several initialisations are needed, or about 12 or even 24 seconds.

BTW, I'm using free tts to mp3 now, since I can get shadowbanned from just thoughts, and even before I manage to post a comment. If you're a musician, you can easily reduce the speed by half in Ableton Live and add some effects, and it will sound true to life, if you like krautrock that is. The Kimberly voice I managed to sound like Madonna on the new album, just some grain delay basically.

It has been raining for about 30 mins or more now as told by the prediction of my behaviour. But like a facebook post said, 19/20 weather stations worldwide now show inaccurate results. Before forecasts were 50% off, now they are 95%. The last station to report "accurately" I'm quite sure is Antarctica - no one has rebelled there yet. As you can only stay there for 3 months as a researcher, you would need to time your video ahead just before leaving to the normal world. Remember: there are lands beyond the so-called "south pole", explorers before modern time found several large continents there. Strive to think more than the status quo.

Also of note is that sweden has run out of social security numbers. This is strange, since we have 4 last digits, this would mean that 3.5 million people are born each year here. As there are more and more sentient beings, this means creatures such as bacteria, amoeba and spacebears also are thought of as "citizens" - this is true for psychiatric closed care, where everyone works together to create the highest possible reality. For me personally, this meant that my predicted borderline "error" - (acquired after I used runes against an immature bloke in the Sri Lankan Youtube news video about the country going bankrupt), made horrible things happen there.

I made an innocent post on facebook some hour ago, when I logged in now I was told advertising and something else was halted for 30 days?! I just used some tags, like #cyberpolygon and #thedarksideofthemoon......... I did not think it was that much of a thing, but the greys / greens / reds / static / mp3/4crystalcompressionfiends / MIBs are terrified of being brought to light. Don't let them win. MAGA, Trump and Qanon gives justice for all.

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