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Male versus Female





female characteristics:

egoism - shallowness - materialism - chaotic emotions - sense of colour


shallowness (being fake, lying, manipulative, etc — this relates to women having better evolved both right and left brainhalves. this means they are the superior gender [they can change males do to whatever they want. "playing weak" is really the worse thing imaginable]. yes.. men have more muscle mass on average. but if women didn't sit on their fat butts [of note that it's mostly only women which have, yes, big butts], admiring their items and bling, they'd be stronger than most males)


a plethora of emotions

sense of colour

i'm not saying these are bad qualities either. it relates to women being mothers, then they need to take care of themselves, and themselves, alone. materialism, because they take care of the home. while a warrior just brings the bare necessities. i am a warrior then. i refuse to concern myself with objects. hopefully, in a year, i'll just have a desk, a bed, and bare essential tools for eating / cooking food (i threw away my frying pan, for example). i haven't eaten much of any meat, for months. and i don't miss it. the fridge and freezer have been turned off since i moved a year ago. the noise they bring is really really terrible. shallowness, hate to say it, is a female quality. this also means, how the world is going now — means we are living in a stronger and strong matriarchy. fuck mobiles. they are so god damn crippled. for a piece of shiny plastic — you must be joking with me?!


male qualities:

altruism - depth of character - lack of emotions - robotic state of mind - colourblindness


depth of character

lack of emotions (coldness, to engage in wars, for example, or make a lot of money / resources / land / food, without being concerned about the moral implications, for the sake of the family. of note is that in some cultures, "family" is almost the entire peoples? you do anything for them. help them make holy places, for once, even if it's in another country..)

robotic state of mind


av Tomas Johansson (ris och ros)

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