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yes yet again the world is real and it does exist except for example when i listen to music wherever i go whatever records i find or songs online or offline this is all a manifestation of saras world i thought funk just disappeared in the 80s but it didnt but iver never found a record like that from that time the best thing is finding people which dont instantly hate you because they come from an entirely different place and you can actually talk to them and you see things from a new angle and yeah my writing isnt magical or special it isnt deep or interesting or breathtaking everyone knows this but they keep quiet because its a sin to bring up magical things and make it ugly make it corrupted but thats the only thing ive been about maybe because sara wasnt the only child she wasnt the center of the universe and thats just wrong but again music videos are made and take a long time to create except everyone interprets them different its not 1 and 0s or in a logical reality in any way except i see saras world of them and thats not something evil or subversive so is mauro scoccos 80s song about her i guess so maybe in some way yeah absolutely mh