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this is how the modern educational works as well (since the late 1800s). teachers arent allowed to give all students A+ / F-. no matter how many are smart / dumb in the class. my sister sara was real smart. the problem was, everyone else in her class were smart as well. so she had to work her ass off, to just not get the lowest grades. she wanted to be a journalist, but got in on her third choice for university.

confusianism was completely different. yes, they wanted as many as possible to reach enlightenment. but they knew, that this is only something each person can do themselves. you can give them hints, but if they ignore it, its their problem. just like angel numbers.

anyway, i dont know if your description of marxism works. in the 1900s, the lower class got upgraded to the middle class. but as we all know, when you get a higher salary, they also increase the cost of living. hey, google started REDUCING the wages, of people that moved to communities where the COI was lower. pathetic. "dont be evil" huh?

the difference between feudalism and capitalism, is that in feudalism, power and money (and your job, aka serfdom / white slavery) is hereditary. but in many ways, capitalism is as well. with a global free internet market, everyone can potentially make money on something theyre passionate about. no, you dont have to make millions. just enough to stay afloat.

the problem is, the BORG quickly eats up smaller companies. with enough money you can buy anyone and anything (the stock market). just look at the media machine, the somatic care, and anyone with power and influence. just bribe them, and theyll say and act whatever you want them to. this goes for artists, musicians, and even stand-up comedians. they seem to have the same routine, but its changed somewhat. theyre still creative, but listening to them, after awhile, you get a sour taste in your mouth. you dont need to torture people and drink their blood, or take pure adrenochrome to lose your soul. most give it up before they can even speak a single word.

hey, workers used to get PAYED in beer before. same thing we see now with "get a vaccine, get a burger for free". sickening. just in the 1800s and earlier, normal people ate porridge, not much else. even something as simple as potatoes were too expensive.

so, its gotten better in many ways. and worse as well. fuck if youd make me eat porridge and drink beer without beer (aka ale) all day long though. this is the real "terrorism" of russia (and ukraine). theyre the biggest producers of wheat in the world. obviously, they use this to make vodka. the opium of the people. there isnt a foodshortage, theres a booze-shortage.


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