Maybe you have healing hands

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when i started smoking
my hands turned cold
real real cold
like ice during the night
ive now quit smoking
and they are themselves again


otherwise through life
my hands have always been warm
or at least not ever felt cold
no matter how much despair i had
i could at least clasp my hands
and wish for better days


i remember a good such day
i was on a quite full bus
sat next to a lady from thaiwan
we started chitchatting
and i said that
my feet and back hurt a lot
she said her knee did
so i put my hand on it
and she shone up
like she hadnt been touched
for year or even decades
she gave me an orange as thanks
a real sweet gesture


ida visited my place
she was pregnant
and had been hit and kicked
in the stomache
so we talk a lot
and as its time for bed
so she lays down next to me
and i ask about the abuse again
she shows her blue arm
and her stomache
i put my hand on it
and it felt warm
soft and tender
maybe then
just because of that
the baby lived

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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