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i studied media sciences in college
just when id had my last lesson
(the teacher showed a video
about the fake moon landing)
i got home, turned on the TV
and saw journalists screaming
"terror terror terror"
it was 9/11 2001...
i realized it was a scam directly
and basically stopped
watching TV at that point
ive always made art
(since 1994, when i was 11)
and started with
music and poetry later
its the real way to live...
instead of the blatant hate on bitchute.
i do prefer it to other social media though...
cant stand "wellness"...
then id rather be
"unwell" than to live a lie
otherwise it was
immortal technique
that got be interested in politics
searched on something on youtube
(in 2021) and one comment
linked a conspiracy theory video
and i have been here since.

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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