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It is of the common misconception in the science world.. that it's only acoustics which you can put lyrics to, but the same is true for any instrumental - even electronic music. After a few tries in listening to the latest of the mad scientist's cyberoid experiments in 2020.. one word came forth; while doing heavy muscle work, as it happen to be - "Lilith", Hecates anti-shape, for if she was not just the breath of the universe herself.

According to the string theory - time has as many dimensions as dimensions have dimensions. Maybe Metallica, before selling their and thereof metal's soul to The Adrenochrome Junkies in the 90's, had travelled as far back in time as 1777!? In the meanwhile this distinct Samurai Soul whom blew off xis wholy body with an 5x5 meter-laser before the internet or even 1kb RAM computers where barely imagined by NASA or SOVJET scientists, is - where - in.. 2077? If that is so, xe is directing our moves - off of a Sony BcyW749LG 64-megapixel screen, may it be? Perhaps not every, but at least giving us choices. The writer, although no matter how much xe talks about hindu mysticism, seems to still be condemned to hell, just like xes father seemingly went to. It so difficult to know the truth, while it could just be one word - love - or is that also a lie?

If Xe One is Drum and Bass' spirit, and xe is vehement on never, ever, in any sense of the word - selling out xis music to the Reptile-popping BLIPBLOPBLAP-THUDTHUDTUHD Greens, then the genre will never turn mainstream. But in its homecountry of England - alternatively Brazil for the Liquid variant which is this writer's current favorite for some years, the story is different. Xe has, just like xis paralell universe musomatriarch, Velvet Acid Christ - mixed in so many genres that it's hard to keep atrack of just what it is xe creates? Except that it's the core of the samplees soul which inspires. While starting with a remix of The Prodigy-like of pimp-music, to crackesque paranoia, - to.. Sahara's soul, with singles like Desert Shades in the breaking point between rule-based modules and freedom-lovin' MP3s - which topples The Future Sound of London's Egypt even, to beyond dreamstep in the beginning of the 00's, that the only way to describe xes music is that it's so far beyond anything possibly real to this mind, that it transcends time, space, and boundary; to not forget though, original in every second of the whole creation, with clear bombastic intros, dense unexplainable and unimitable multiple middlesections and emotionally filled exits.

The writer asked once if there's more bands and londonesque artists akin to swedish-finnish awardwinning giants Kent or Max - who ended their careers ahead - to let the next generation take over, vis-a-vis nurture their family - and got the answer: "Of course". A bible quote comes into new context this day, while it might've always meant so - "I am the Alpha and the Omega" - the epitome of death, which is equal parts light (for it is all that exists, unless you count in the even less proved voxel theory) - the black hole which makes the whole universe rotate - while at the same time a gruesome ending, and the promise of new beginning. Maybe that's what the meaning of life is - could it be that simple? E=mc2, as our proud mathgeeks Planck, Tesla, Einstein and Hawking are still rolling in their graves trying to disproove.

I tell you now wannabe--gangsta-parents; don't ever, ever again pirate music - or anything, for that matter. Maybe to chop off the hands of thieves had a profound meaning before? You don't want this world for your kin. Maybe if you can handle it, it's ok. SAYNOTODRUGS, as our librarian calls out to us. But if you want to be part of the brotherhood, there's no turning back. Only the purest of souls turn to angels, but one false step, and you're referred to hell again, until you put up a fight - or if you can stand the test of time.. the clockwork angels calls out for a new tomorrow.

Maybe there is salvation, but it is omnidirectional. Turn off the TV for good, or for that matter - reverse-engineer your brethrens favourite webradiostation. Make them the best of you, not the worst that the world wants them to be. One day they shall do the same, hopefully.

Metamorph and a large part of xis discographiy is now available on.. a lot of digital platforms (don't ask the writer on this one, xe does not mastermind the internet and all electronic circuits like VALIS) vis-a-vis Youtube, althoughnot to make the dollars roll in, but to make fans not searching like lunatics - high, low or transcending in temporary meditation - in old archives or on odd websites for hours on end for a single track, only to try to find an antiquitated XM-player which actually works the way it should in emulation?! - On whatever device they're now carrying in their pocket - or for that matter; doing the original vision justice, although usually.. giving up in the process? It's for the people, the planet, the universe, the space in-between, for the evolution of us as a species, for your google workspace- or how your sonic fate was handed down to you by your family--version, and beyond anything you've ever heard yet, or will hear, from another artist, ever.

Signing off, yours truly,

until we hear something again

which is outmost baffling to our

plain simple dull

uncreative linear minds

Maria Sofia Emma Sotz, 2021

av Maria Sotz (ris och ros)

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