Miracles do happen

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so i posted la belle epoque ½ on allpoetry
and 2 days later
im at the grocery store at noon
have just eaten at the tavern
and theres a whole host of teeny boppers
one had long brown hair like bella
she didnt really look that much like her
not that beautiful features
but i knew it was her in another form
she had the most beautiful
blue jeans
miracles do happen
and no i didnt
dare talking
to her
but it was
talking to me through the ether
through actions
thats how gods and angels work
they make weird things happen
out of the blue
that you never imagined
thus the saying
"you might not
always get
what yuo want
but sometimes
what you get
is so much better
than what you
ever imagined"
miracles do happen

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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