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there are a lot of black jews in nigeria. judaism was first black people. they go back a long time... and every religion and people used blood sacrifices before. the latinos before they were latinos, sacrificed 26000 virgins per year. same for indic people, they did the same, so the ganges would be pure. the pyramids are about blood sacrifice as well, huge chambers available for blood. it gives superpowers if you drink it, the adrenochrome too. how they built the pyramids... black jews eat the clitoris, they used to chop off the foreskin and then let the elder of the village eat it. now its a multibillion industry. one foreskin is worth 150 000 $. i have personally met cannibals and satanists, and find them to be good people. you just cant piss them off alive, or they curse you or drink your blood. i have just been lucky, i guess... its not just the elite, and its not just jews. rome goes back 7000 years, have met a cannibal italian actually. its a lot of people. if you stay at church long enough, theyll present you with blood sacrifice rituals, eating shit, drinking piss. its in all religions, but hushed down.

corona is fibromyalgia. it means you are oversensitive to metal and electricity and magnet fields. if you dont abuse your smartphone, you never test positive for corona, and no one will say you need to get the shot. they dont want this to come out for some reason, but they poison you (with smart tv and smart appliances and smartphones) and give you the cure, a nanocomputer... most people would line up if they could get a free smartphone in their bloodstream. its where we are at, and its where we are headed. the matrix is already here.

when i got into the psychiatric system 2006, there was a nun who visited us once a week. then there were the pedophilia claims on the vatican church, and the nun stopped coming. a shame really, religion has a lot of good parts in it too.

hitler was a khazar jew, he sacrificed his own people so they could get isreal. its on wikipedia even, the treatise after WW1.

yep, got lots of deja vus in the beginning of the corona vaccine. i was living in my own simulation of myself. i dont know if im free from it now... it all merges together. news online showed news id seen 1-2 years ago. bitchute videos as well. was pretty scary...

i take dip, like a cig you have under your lip. it freed me from OCD. no demons harassing me anymore. tobacco is a healing plant, why i sometimes smoke cigarillos too - they have 1 ingredient - tobacco, instead of cigarettes that have 77 foreign substances in them, one of them is even rocket fuel ffs.

you forgot foreskin removal. anyone who doesnt have their foreskin left are bowers to satan. and its a lot in the usa. however much you yell, they took a huge portion of your life away when you were born, and youll never get it back.

"As for the common consciousness I was thinking maybe not everybody is part of the same one... Same as some common consciousness drives many of us to value the "light" (freedom, beauty, love...) there are many avatars driven by some different consciousness, towards the "darkness". People were aware of opposing duality from ancient times (yin and yang).
But lately I see more and more of a third kind of people: passive, NPCs, probably disconnected from both, just biological robots, floating avatars."

"common consciousness" - thats weed and alcohol. all alcoholics and dopeheads instantly "connect" with eachother. and everyone takes either of the two in huge quantities. i thought i never fit into society, until i turned into one of them...

do you take coffee? its an alcaloid. same for tea, it makes you desensitized so you need to work harder (or fuck more) to feel anything at all.

yes, our minds can interpret anything. i guess you havent meditated enough, or thought enough. everything is a conciousness, even a rock. what the easterns call "kokoro" - the heart of things. the spirit doesnt store it, its in the "junk" dna, we have the whole universe inside of us, waiting to the activate for superpowers to hopefully save the world from the organized satanic elite. the problem though is that the satanists (like davos) stick together, whistleblowers arent dime a doze, and have to fight for themselves, while they have 10000:1 against them or even more.

YHVH is pronounced Yeshua, aka jesus. yes, he was a elohim, and they wrote the bible, aka aliens / demons / fallen angels / "the illuminati" (unseen, they are on a high frequency that not many can see (i can)). or one guy said psaul wrote the bible, only that psaul was a dragon...

i actually watched tv for awhile. the "news" of the "ukraine war" was laughable. it was all fake. i cant understand how people cant see through it. bring on agenda2025! theres so many useless eaters anyway, humanity is doomed, its all zombies without us being (fully) controlled.

there is "shedding", if you are vaccinated you "shed" the graphene self-building nanocomputer to others in the room where you are. if you don't actively take drugs against it, you are part of the system. you can check on the mobile if you send out an internet MAC bluetooth address. if you do, you are part of the sheep. zinc and b12 work to get it out of your system, avermectin is also on a google search, to get rid of immortal hydra. then there is also C60, the strongest antioxidant in the entire world.

crows are particular. ive tried to talk to them some, and all they say is kro and kra. one said, after i annoyed him, "you are krooooo". other animals and birds speak the same language (swedish) to me. its calle telekinses, i either just think words while looking at them, or talk. both work. they respond telekinetically. you can talk to anyone this way as well, they hear it, somehow. telepathically as well to any spirit or person in the entire world.

the masters arent the masters either. its aliens (overlords) controlling them, like the green, aka reptiloids, belatriciano. i saw a video of a rottschild talking about taking over the world, he stammered lots like someone else was putting words in his mouth.


sorry to burst your bubble, but isreal has "the samson option". if they ever get attacked, theyll launch nukes to kill the whole world. they control more places than earth, so it would be no loss to them, theyd just restart it like they are restarting mars.

"Agreed! Why will people understand that frequencies can heal (vitamin D for example) but then you mention that frequencies can do damage and they look at you like you from another planet. Guess because they are to integrated into technology and its convenience to ever want to believe it to be true."

i was hooked on a lot of neuroleptics before. got sick sick ideas in my mind, its from the polluted air with microwaves. normal people drink a lot and feel good from it, but get automagically brainwashed from it as well. same for weed, a little weed expands your mind, but if you take a lot, you just turn into a blubbering fool. alcohol is the greatest evil ever. it makes people "connect" since they drink together, but this is better if its an intellectual than sexual (disgusting) conversation. but people dont want IQ, and have never wanted it. even kids used to drink alcohol ("svagdricka" / "ale") when the water was dirty before (fermenting removes the toxins, it actually helps if the water is dirty to make the fermenting happen).

"Why didnt you include jews are most prone to psychopathy and mentall illness?" well said. my first girlfriend was jewish (german jew, so, kazarian) and she was real real crazy. said i should stab people in her psychotic delerium. i coulda stayed as i made her pregnant, but then i think i would eventually have stabbed someone. i also know a woman who blames her "eating disorder" on her being gone 6 months all the time. but its her jealous jewish man who beats her to a pulp often. also know another woman (swedish) who this happens to. she works a few days, then shes "sick" for half a year. also has an abusive husband.

thanks man. ive searched for the truth since i was 7 years, so for 34 years. im a taurus so i think with my throat not my "gut instict" (which can many times be wrong even if it helps you a lot, like people trust their gut when they choose a partner, then wonder why it went wrong). i can instinctively "feel" truth. and truths ive learned i can unlearn when presented with something new, which only has to be a few words. i have high brain plasticity.

well i got to doze them myself, and back then i believed in authority. so i just took more and more. i figured, if i felt bad, i take meds and feel better? its what were all taught. now i dont have many meds. i unfortunately cant quit neuroleptics. since ive never taken drugs, if i remove the neuroleptics i come to another world. not a schiphrenic like, just some things are different, different playing rules. if you began drinking in first grade (many in my class did) and started with weed and heavy drugs you dont get psychosies, since youre used to the "harsh" reality. i dont see reality as evil though, i see the beauty in everyone and everything. im an artist music and poet, hey, check my site (if it works on your side i dont know) svenskadikter.com/Emma

i know it sounds weird, but jews get taught from an early age to be disciplined. of course they get hit often as well, but they learn to make money and build enterprizes. i know you can call it evil, while other people are content with working at mcdonalds and walmart all their life and drink beer, jews are brought up in a different way.

i advised my mom against it, ive told her so many horror stories, but a month ago she took both the corona shot and the flu vaccine. shes just completely brainwashed. and guess what? a week later she got the flu anyway. im afraid the corona vaccine will kill her in some years. but her drinking is also part of the problem, it brainwashes her as well. she can barely speak coherently anymore, just talks in "power words". i told her about it, that they insult me, and now she said shes gonna move away from me. we used to make lots of art together, but she prefers her demons to creating beauty...

"deja vu means you are on the right track"

"On Sunday we posted this video about the charges of genocide that South Africa is bringing against Israel in the World Court, which could actually accomplish something since the United States doesn't have veto power in the World Court and thus can't protect Israel:"

the "war on drugs" is a war on addicts, not the dealers. the medicine industry sells their drugs to mafias and gangs across the world, but first political partys get their share. thats NOT jews, and is a big problem.

"jewry causes harm. Jewry is responsible for most of the problems in the world. It is people believing in the evil bible, christians and muslims that gives the evil cult that controls this world their power and protects them.

Jewry is the gay pedo trans agenda, porn, making wars to make migrants, training them to hate white people, jewry created islam which command torture, murder and rape. importing blacks, radicalizing them by blaming whitey for the jewish run slave trade. Making gangster rap. Pushing drugs on the goyim. Making up the holohoax. Causing all wars. Usury, enslaving everyone with their debt scams. Climate hoax. Covid hoax. Big pharma, vaccines, control of all governments and industry, food energy. Hollywood degeneracy. Materialism. Communism. Globalism.

Behind virtually every evil is another jew but i have to lie and pretend it is not happening.

You are evil."

"Luke 19:27 "But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me.’” <-Rabbi jesus the king of the jews said this"

"trying to present it to some people is simply futile" no, it is not. i am a spiritual warrior eventhough im not actually spiritual. i remember talking about corona or whatever it was on twitter, for each post i made, a keyword got 1k more posts, and it climbed from 7th position to 3rd. i make a huge impact on the world. before, when i had the vaccine fresh in me, chemtrails stopped. it was +8c all summer (like it is underground) and even afterwards. all weather is weather manipulation. before they used black magic ("rain dances"), now they use chemtrails and DEWs. i remember asking a psychiatric nurse about the weather that ive felt and she said it was "hot" in a bitter tone. so i make a huge impact on the world. we live on a dead planet, it only lives through us, and our magic. we do magic every day, like they say "every thought is a prayer". i remember going to sleep and having music on "shuffle", in my minds eye for a splitsecond, i could see some entity changing the order. aliens control us and experiment on us, just as we control and experiment on rats.

Deuteronomy 13:7-12 Some of the gods of the peoples who are around you, whether near you or far off from you, from the one end of the earth to the other, you shall not yield to him or listen to him, nor shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him, nor shall you conceal him. But you shall kill him. Your hand shall be first against him to put him to death, and afterward the hand of all the people. You shall stone him to death with stones, because he sought to draw you away from the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. And all Israel shall hear and fear and never again do any such wickedness as this among you. ...

actually, i learned from a history teacher way long ago, that countries take in immigrants, when their population doesnt birth enough children. it needs to be at least 1:2.1 woman:child, that is, each woman needs to bear 2.1 children on average. this is way lower in the western world. people are persuing protective sex and luxury items instead of caring about the family. so the white population are killing themselves, both by not bearing enough children, then by letting foreigners with a much more primitive culture take over their country. most women i know in sweden only have 1 child, since with all they work in and the alcohol they drink and all ways trying to be "perfect", they cant handle anymore.

actually, when women do abortions themselves, a lot of them eat the fetuses. i know it sounds crazy, but it happens, more than youd think. thanks for these quotes though, that theyre even in the bible, and so many people whine about muslims, when its all right there in bright sunlight presented how vile the bible is.

wow, theres more of us out there. i have neither a radio, tv or smartphone (not a dumbphone either). if i really need to make a call, i borrow a friends phone. the radiation in smart tvs and smartphones is out of this world, the times ive tried them, i got completely brainwashed and drooling, i couldnt even think. these things take over your soul, because of the strong electronics.

we will all go to concentration camps in agenda2025. we dont oppose the politicians well enough, or try politics as a profession to stop them. but if you are presented with millions or even billions of cash, how many would oppose it? during corona doctors got huge bonuses if they filled the quota of corona deaths. we are all done for, and most others too, just the most drooling sheep will survive. it never crossed your mind that bitchute is situated in the united kingdom, the head state of the illuminati? that they all use this site to pick up on dissidents? our judgement will come soon.

what i forgot to say, is if the point reaches 2:1 or lower, you get an increasingly aging population, which needs to be taken care of by the younger, which keep getting less. so it would just be retirement homes everywhere, and almost no nurses. the country would implode on itself.

"There is so much wisdom eminating from the words you speak, and i empathise with the feeling of being disconnected from society and to enter back into the madness of the world and feel normal you need to medicate. I have self medicated for years, quite heavily until 6-7 years ago.
I thought its about time i stopped living in fanatsy world and step back into reality only to find, reality is even more bizarre than the drug enduced one i had created for the majority of my "adult" life.
Like you i try to see the good in all and believe that is the basis of everything, including evil and always try to give benefit of the doubt even if i end up doubting myself as a result.
Checked your site and it does work but my swedish is non existant but from what i have read in your comments i will give it a go and add it to my never ending list of things i want to do."

ever wonder about "fossil" fuels? i know its a crazy idea, but maybe they want more gasoline in the air so reptiloids can breath better? during corona i fell for the mindcontrol, and was inside my apartment a lot. going for walks, it felt like dust in my lungs from all the petrol in them. and going to buy groceries (instead of take and order pizza / kebab / hamburgers) i noticed all veggies had a weird smell. i looked it up, and its formaldehyde. no one has noticed this except for me and 1 reddit post on the entire internet. at LIDL they advertise "vegan" orange juice, which means theres not bits of bugs in them. so while they want us to eat bugs, they are secretly killing all farmers for things to grow in huge warehouse like laboratories. the veggies have no nutrients in them even if they have strong colours, thats why formaldehyde (which used to be outlawed a few years ago) is needed to conservate them.

check immortal technique. he talks dirty a lot, but its only to fool ghetto kids into listening to him. he raps about many different political topics, sometimes just talks in his songs. try especially revolutionary 1 and 2 and the martyr (free on the waybackmachine). he talks about "the matrix of entrapment" in a middle passage song, its just a demo though. but search for "the middle passage" on youtube and youll get like 20 demo songs. hes too afraid to release it, thinking hed get killed then. he was actually gonna release it on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, but got deported to peru before just as he had printed the records.

"but again the hidden knowledge is highjacked by the mainstream to stop us from growing or realising our potential" i dont go to the cinema often, not even once a year. but when i do, its the greatest experience. like rome said: "give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt". truth is hidden in massmedia, but if you get addicted to it, you get more lies than truth, or just become a blubbering beerdrinking weedsmoking fool. they need to add in some truth for the gullible naysayers to stay obedient, and truth is exciting, lies are boring, its just repetition all the time. thus the concept of thanatomania and erotomania, people seem more interested in how a person died than in their persona, and also that the massmedia talks about death and destruction in the guise of "knowledge", while it would otherwise not be allowed. erotomania is the other side of the coin - porn and lighter outfits for women, or more revealing, like tight jeans. they go hand in hand, since no one can live with just experiencing suffering through massmedia, so the people desensitized need porn to feel alive again. ive stopped with porn, and keep getting "matchmaking" sites on social media since then, they just wont give up. and i thought bitcoin ads were annoying... i even registered on one of the sites, and it said "you agree to talking to fake profiles". sigh, lol. AI is taking over...

ok, replying in the wrong place. i dont think i make a difference to one or two, but to thousands or even millions. they even tried with a "swine flu" pandemic originating from sweden, but no one fell for it now. was just 1 news report then it was gone. for everything you do, you leave an imprint in the cosmic akashic library. i am just my universe, and you are part of it, but you are also part of your own ego illusion.

in the older days, each yew needed to write a tanakh by himself. and each time a tanakh was written, it was interpreted by the person. same for bibles. those that knew how to read and write had a big leverage over history and mindcontrol. it was actually a swede, a goth, which translated the bible in 300 AD which all bibles are derived from. so the KJV is a load of bollocks. you need to get down to the source. like reading the tanakh via google translate. opens up many portals. as for me, i interprate genesis, that it was eve first and adam afterwards. and it was adam who took the apple by himself (when he was a baby / child), since he saw the copper dragon (snake) as a father figure. could just as well been an alien lifeform, from a ufo. but yes, they want the power to themselves, and want people to live in the shadows. "they use emotion for the many, and use reason for the few" - what göbbels said about the khazars.

yes, i took it, and yes, im dumb. my favorite cafe was closed all the time because of "illness", so i bit the sour apple and took the vaccine, and then it was open as usual again. for 6 months it was horrible, i even got reported to the police. but for another 6 months, i lived in heaven, i didnt even need to drink coffee. but then i fucked up and asked the psychiatric system for help. i even got murder threats on facebook. my energy was real low. anyway, the corona vaccine is just as good as it is bad.

"apple juice" sorry to burst your and hers bubble, but "apple juice" is pee. i remember tasting my own pee, and it tasted just like apple juice. i remember talking to some nurses about it, and they said it was true, from retirement homes, they take pee and fill it with 40% "freshener" and then sell it as apple juice. i remember always getting a bad stomache when i drank too much of it, because its pee. its toxic. our whole world is toxic. oh, in the corona vaccine is 36 sorts of snake poison, but thanks to the (amateurish) doctor ardis, we know its in all drinking water in the entire world. something else people havent noticed, but during the beginning of the corona vaccination (i took 2, first was saline solution) i smelled like a metal snake.

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