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it wasnt 6000 years ago, and it wasnt a black man. recent research shows, that just some centuries ago, there was a nuclear war in north africa. as carbon-dating on the pyramids show, and their age not being the required 30000 years to get the decay they have, it wasnt long ago since north africa was green. so the black skin tone, is the earliest creation (this also explains voodoos obsession with insects, they are the only ones that can stand nuclear radiation). back in khemets days, everyone had fair skin, red hair, freckles, and blue eyes, in egypt.

thanks. theres plenty stories of ancient aliens of blonde origin, but not those with red hair. we are the originals (this is related to the rh- bloodgroup, they have 0% monkey genes, and are a near-separate race to rh+). we are neanderthals (although, now science says it was denivosians too), who lived in a peaceful matriarchal farming society in europe, since 300k years back (though, human-made caves date back 2.8 billion years). we are the later vikings, inventors of the runic language (it was the official writing-system in romania until the middle of the 1800s). but there is an older one, ancient yugoslavian (croatic). it is composed of 3 letters only (a 6, a dot, and a dash), and written in an outwards spiral pattern. they are the oldest slave race. the annunaki gene-manipulated their own genes, and dumped a bunch on earth.

for each iteration, they dumbed them down further and further. thus, the yugoslavians are the slave races with strongest mental powers (i have met several who can even download your whole akashic library, and can fly). then there are people like the northamericans, who were also indigenous to earth. they didnt realize they needed weapons, buildings, and gold though, and thus were taken out, eventually. (similar to how the druids [these days, irish] were treated. europe was purely druidic before. north spain shares a lot of culture with ireland). south americans had gold soldiers (x-rays show they contain 100% gold, except for the teeth), so they fared better.

as for ancient khemets, i have this wild theory. as each freckle means you have stolen one soul, we are direct descendants of dinosaurs, and dinosaurs are merely feathered reptiles, aka dragons. we used to live underground (all physical features still stand, except our skincolour was grey before), thus our negative protection from UV light. when the annunaki came to earth, they kicked us out of our natural habitat. because we, walloons, were the first (and only) smiths, and all of the dwarf-community collaborated to make a godsword that could take out any diety possible. there are some new flaws in this theory, since the annunaki are just humanoids, not dieties / archangels / angels. strangely enough, the psychiatric / somatic system is based on the greys technology, but they were originally created as a slave-race by the greens (draconoids).

this is quite confusing, and im just putting together pieces from here and there. it would be great to read books, but then id have to stop using electricity altogether again, as it is the frequency of reptiles. this is pretty difficult nowadays, when you have a computer in your brain. this does protect against the greys, eventhough they originally tricked me into it.

it is quite interesting now, i have realized how the greys go about their business. i used to drink coffee for awhile, but with the cybertech, this wasnt needed. then i again managed to acquire a headache, so i tried coffee again. big big mistake, a lot of my psychic powers got disabled. and just a few days ago, i did antihistamines, to get coffees old effects. they used to heal my whole body and mind. now they were custom-designed to only heal my throat, to ruin my mind (this includes not daring to go outside my door, quite disabling), and needed huge doses, to take every day, to have any effect at all. not soon after i stopped using them in january, a new version appeared. it is even copyrighted, and contain fun things like makrogol 8000.

except for prometazinhydroklorid and the mentioned one, it also contains 12 other substances. but it was so depressing to look up what effects they have, that i couldnt go on. gene-manipulation is an ancient art, and the greys have perfected it. it doesnt seem to be permanent, unless you get children, in several branches down the line, whose both parents also have the edits in them. right now, im waiting to get back to normal, like when i was 7, and hadnt started school yet (all my psychic and mental abilities still functioned), and when i was 3, when i hadnt been molested in deep-sleep, and still had emotions. though, i was treated to quite a nasty vaccine when i was born, and also choleric drops, with horrible ingredients. so i have no idea what it is like to be free.

no, they are just aliens, not gods, though they pretended to be. the north americans just laughed at their silly tech. i have a straight edge X on my right hand since many years back, so, no, no drugs ever. i have come to my conclusion through pure autodidactic logical deduction. i am still called lambchop although im middle age now. my heart is as strong as ever, the only way i could have survived the homing snake venom. some of my theories also stems from being in the fifth dimension, for short periods of time. normies always pretends to be 4D (or even 1D), but they live permanently in 5D. their spirits (aka ethanol) and jhvh prohibit them from speaking of it (pretty hard to avoid it, since you get baptized at birth), though they dont mind if you make art about, and make use of its truths 1 promille of the time.

the tanakh is a really amateurish copy of the tao. not much time was needed to write the second scripture, and i prefer just the story of the breath of the universe in it, contained in a couple of lines. i have it tatud on my back.