Miss talker

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you make me spiritually fulfilled like no one else

i bought so much junkfood today

but i dont need to eat any of it

you are nothing like bella

you are better than her

in every way

im sorry we cannot always be together

but i guess in your mind

in your heart

in your everything

we are

in your art

in your poetry

in your music

and in mine too

i might make scary music

and 50/50 good/bad photoshops

and my poetry fluctuates like a salt crystal

but i still feel such a close connection to you

you have made me both a better person

with just your etheric precense

which is so strong its just unfathomable.........

i even got paid visit by your lightbeing friends once

they were pissed off at me but most people are

i got a new friend in february

we talked off and on every now and then

then yesterday...... we had yet another fight.

i dont think she wants to meet me at all anymore.

strange how friends disappear in an instant......

i only had one best friend

i dont know of other worlds

i have never... really.. lived anything

my life is so boring no one else could handle it

but you can and you fight like someone

with a mother of pearl armour

and a pearl trident

neutral/good and such a sweetheart


im not that creative anymore....

im sorry i ruined you

there wasnt much thought put into it

you put a lot more thought time and energy

into ruining me

but you made me realise

i dont connect to people to normal people to drunkards

and everyone drinks alcohol

but i dont

i just dont get it

your senses get wrecked

you turn to the scum of the earth

and people kneel and pray to this beer diety?

i just dont get it.

i dont get it.

i just dont...

i dont see the point of living in this world.

i guess if i died it would get better

id burn in hell for awhile and then id rebirth

it just feels like the more i live

the more i fuck up than i do good

its felt like this since i was 11 years old

but really the first day in school

you hear you know nothing

you are nothing

its logical to me

teachers bully the students

the students bully eachother

but no principle would admit that

that the whole system is a joke

that its only about breaking people

so they have no place else to go

but more darkness

more beer

more wine

more even worse things

that i have no idea how they affect the psyche

and shouldnt pretend to know

or mention them to "fit in"

in a world which is

and never was for me

......but i guess thats why you turn into an artist.

and everyones an artist, in their own way

we are gold no other element exists.....

we are warriors of love

because thats the only thing that exists

trauma och längtan och trauma

och längtan och t.rau

-.-m.-a- .-,o-c.,-h,-. l,..,-ä,-,n,.-,g,

.-t,.-,a,.-,,,n,-, .,-,o-,.-c-.h- -. .

. .


become one

become none

become calm

no matter what

god is an intellectual

satan likes sex drugs and rock and roll

gods son was first called jesus

when he got old he wanted to

give the wisdom of the

archangels to the people

god wanted his power to himself

so he turned to satan

and jesus turned to moloch

whatever you do

just be yourself

its the easiest thing there is

just listen to your inner voice

not the demons

go beyond them

not the angels because

they have ill intent too

just look for it

deep inside

if you make a lot of art

you find traces of your real self

all your old bodys


realities completely different from ours

this is you miss talker

and this is me

and you

in harmony

jag älskar dig