Music and other awesome things like dreams and tracey and darkhalo

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if you can listen to music
without freaking out
youre one of the lucky ones
theres nothing better than music
because it just goes straight in
however shitty im feeling
i can still listen to music
i can cook to music
i can lie in bed doing nothing to music
i can think to music
i can play computergames to music
music is life
music is everything <3
music is my everything
i love you music
and i love you darkhalo
youre the best of the best of the best
sorry i ruined your life
it was from the heart
not hate
not the amygdala
thanks to the conspiracy site bitchute
and all the peoples and vids stories
i now know theres a greater world out there
darkhalos music is just so beyond
he musta been the king of a planet
or a great scientist
i dunno
dreams are iffy that way
you only get a small glimpse
and i at least barely remember them
after ive woken up
and maybe we dont reflect enough on dreams
tracey gave me a dream once
i had it twice or thrice until i got it
it might be the only dream
ive ever decyphered properly
it was in both english and swedish
and some words were symbols
she said
in dream language
"i came from the gutter"
and ive never seen her as that
and ill never do that
shes amazing <3
shes my everything too
like darkhalo
like so many amazing people ive met
i have all of them stored in my heart
my brain is ruined since
the first day of bullying in 4th grade
i remember everything by heart <3

hey tracey. youre my best friend. because. er. youre best. at being. a friend! ^__^ seriously geminis call everyone they love "bestie". and im.... not gemini in any planet. except my name means gemini. so there! ^_____^

av Sofia Sjöfararen (ris och ros)

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