My experiences with sex in somatic care

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so my favourite nurse was just here. she treated me well like she always does. other than that, she seemed nervy and cold and bored though, and left in like 3 mins. we used to have 10 mins talks at least. got real close sometimes. im into her. shes into me. but shes married and has 4 kids. ive wanted 2 times to say i love her, but havent. it doesnt matter, she knows. she had let her hair loose, it looked sorta thin, she dyes it too, so hey. and thats the thing, when i got yelled out by the antichrist, she constantly pulled her head up so her hair wouldnt get in her face. and i wonder like, is yelling her way of flirting? she had said earlier shes from iraq, and i figured now, id realized the essence of iraq, and fell in love with her. i dont really fall in love anymore though since i take so much dip, im just zeroed. but i felt something... for her, too. and nurses keep talking about my dick, i just dont get it. im paralyzed from the stomache and down since a year back, and the few times ive looked, my dick is buried in my scrotom almost, so its like 2 centimeters if even that. my boner is the same too, i feel it like once a month or less, and it goes up for 2 seconds and goes away. no increase in length. so yes, i do feel something. strong pleasure, strong pain, strong heat, strong cold, but thats it. and it doesnt happen often, its mostly a cold feeling to various parts of my body, especially my feet. usually i dont know what im feeling there, if its heat or cold or inflammation or anxiety which makes them hot. i can have the window open and its real cold in the room, and my feet feel cold. then a nurse touches them and says "theyre so warm!". another nurse, who flirts with me, though, see her like once a month, touched my hand, while before saying "im cold", and then "youre colder", but then i was feeling warm? so odd. someone long ago said "most guys would love to be in your position, you can pick and choose". but it surely doesnt feel that way for me. i have fantasized about many women, but figured they only thought badly about me. but, since a few years back, ive realized, yes, women think about me, a lot, all the time, and its usually good things. of the 2 women ive slept with, i could fit in the whole thing, although, bella was loose, and julia was tight. still, julia couldnt ride me and i couldnt fist bella. though, i could finger her in two holes simultaneously with 3 fingers each in hyperspeed. she eventually yelled out "you fuck like a pornstar", which i still wonder if she meant it as something good or not. usually, when masturbating, i come in a minute, but with sex i can go on for hours and hours. same goes with conversing with someone attractive. i pre-come like crazy, but my dick remains soft. the countess once yelled out in bitterness "oh man i cant stand your slimey mini dick", but she did see me fully erect once. she stripped for me later, but we never did it. she did though masturbate in the kitchen while i was lying down in the next room, she comes over and kisses me, and i can feel her come on my lips. she tasted just like me, i wonder if she can still get pregnant? shes 75. of older women whos girl juices ive felt from them liking something about me, the come does smell sweet but sorta wooden as well, it goes from their vagina to my nostrils in a second even if they are fully clothed. my armpits can also give out semen smells sometimes. like just 30 minutes ago, i was writing a lot, a really boring text, and i felt the smell of semen in the air. no one else around, so, hey...

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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