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"Negro" was merely, a long time ago, a portugese word meaning "black". Columbus was from this country. He killed a total of 37 million native americans and africans. Still, he's hailed as a hero, as an "explorer", as a saint, all over the world. By using his terminology, you're just propagating his agenda, since 400 years back.

But, at the end of the day, it's not just the WASPs way of life; it's the orthodox, fundamentalist, teenage pornstar-digging, serial-killing, mass-murdering, culture appropriating, junkfood-binging, tele-evangelisting, warmongering, crusading - church.

And don't forget - Portugal is right next to Marocco, to Africa. It's your people. You did this to you. And you continue to do so - daily, every minute, in almost every rap-tune that's ever been put to tape, in the (mostly porn) ad-spamming pirate-bay MP3, or the anarchistic "free" open source OGG - corrupted and abused by the swedish flag-ship Spotify; the worst bloatware, and engineering mess, that's ever been put into every man's spyware-ridden, overprized, bad excuse for a 1992 era 386sx win 2.0 comp, smartphone - aka hipster-fashion statement - on earth. That you can't stop listening to, which can't stop indoctrinating your mind, into thinking you have the right, to act, just like the worst scums, the planet has ever known.

Still, to use the slang version, is even worse. No matter who you are. It's like defending all that the Nazis did to the Yews. It's like Holocaust denial. Get it, Columbus is much worse than anything and everything that Hitler ever achieved. It's African denial. It's defending the Vatican church, for wanting more natural resources, land, and rape victims - which they have, and still, do, to the whole of the R.I.P. Gaddafian United States of Africa; and, with its acceleration in 2001, to the whole Middle East - Christianity's homeland. Where the ends justify the means, at any cost - to your humanity, to your karma, to your endless rebirths, into even more demonic, primitive, DSM-removed mental disorder "greed", 1-dimensional forms.

No-one can honestly say the N-word and have a good night's sleep, and no-one who pretends they stand by or understand Jesus' struggle, will ever join Adam and Eve in Saddam's and Bush #1/2/3's O.I.L. hellhole - also known in modern day as Iraq, as the place where 4 rivers - and cultures - meet, and have always met, just like in Hell's Kitchen NY, where saying the N-word means you commit a crime, which has no pushishment, except eternal condemnation; if they defend all the church's done for over 1 millenia; and keep propagating it - unconsciously, consciously - in music, in art, in poetry, online, to their buddies, to their family, to their people - to everyone they pretend to BLM:y "abhorr", eventhough they're just the same, if not - worse.

But the only way we can all come together, is in the lab-created AIDS-curse, which destroyed the flower power movement, whos only purpose was peace, love and understanding. But the N-word isn't "love", it is not "brotherhood", it's - I have no words for you. You're a disappointment. You don't even make me angry. You're nothing. You're a black hole, as if that was something to be "proud" about, that even ruins something which travels at three-hundred-thousand kilometers per second. But your endless stupidity travels faster, and is more prevalent, than any art that's ever been made; than Basho's dedication to Japan's soul, than Metallica's And Justice For All, than any dreams that have ever been realized, than all the technology we've had since the reptiles invented the moon, since -

I know you've stopped reading, and thinking critically, a long time ago. Just call this disestablishmentiarism "racist" and dismiss it with the CIA-created word "conspiracy theory", and report this post, because it goes against all that the Philantropist Bill Gates BSOD-rich Windows and indic green revolution which made 300,000 farmers commit suicide - the Google phoenix cracking software - the limitless Facebook information on almost everyone on the entire planet - Fox senseless omnipresent idiocy - the anti-anti-american mainstream media vision which Tech is apart of now, so it gets a "fake news" stamp - and be done with it, and spam another Meme you've never bothered looking at for more than a second - because it's good for thumb-fishing - which only furthers your unknown Dr Phil-put-to-light-and-darkened-yet-again satanistic 100 million dollar black eye club; and clutter this group with even more horribly miss-spelled ex-prophetic lyrics which you'll never ever realize what they really mean, to you, to your people, to the cosmic conciousness represented in Patti Smith's beatpoetry masterpice Babelogue and the afterwards following song, which is the only good use of the Columbian propaganda that's ever been vocalized in a live recorded, non-autotuned, non--punk-rock-is-dead--imitating - concert, which the vis-a-vis school-shooting-accused Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids band's geek's headman's cover before he was a "shock rocker" that only got his talent from the greatest electronica-artist that's ever existed; who is, the only one, really, who can, together with John Carmack, stand for, and represent "white pride".

av Sofia Sotz (ris och ros)

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