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in swedish we call it "spel för gallerierna". so what? how does it matter? does it change how theyve fucked up the world and still do? virtue signaling, thats all. if you are a good person then you know it and other do too, you dont have to "prove" to anyone, maybe your fam though, but they know you more than anyone else and they get proud of you when you do good and understand you when you do bad. like kanye in the black community, dont you think theyve had worse before? hes a prophet like any other prophet, he did good and bad. i see myself in him, i just got banned off of twitter for 3 words? ok i get it its not good for me, bitchute is troubling since theres SO many angry people, it rubs off on you.

theyre not called the rottschilds now theyre called the crane. they own the swedish papermill, we used to make cotton money for the whole world. now we are basically owned by america, like the rest of the world. i dont care who you are, if youve done good then youve done good. if you put in effort to express your core, then its alright. complaining about complainers just turns to a feedback loop. "give them bread and circuses" as the roman empire figured out. whats on your dinnerplate today? did you have a beer with that? or 20 beers? maybe some weed too? and coke? the drink obviously, its not like if youre schizophrenic you think that you get a 100 year time psychosis and get higher off of a fizzy drink than the real thing, because it contained 14% pure medical grade cocaine huh?

i guess its deep or something. i prefer intellectualism, thats why immortal technique is the perfect prophet. soul is thought, emotion is anima. and the greatest emotion is transcendence, and you can reach that through pure thought, no drugs no nothing is needed.