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i cant relate, sort of. you see, i have never been in a magical world. i guess this was done intentionally to remove my powers, or because of my fate, im an ox. i rested for awhile. im not sure if it was because of outside effects. maybe overlords sent hate energy on me for conversing with you, or i accidently sent to you (i am chaotic/good alignment), and you retaliated. [and yes, i am a mix of everything. this includes witch/wicca/druid/viking/berzerker, demon {methane being}, and so many more things] anyway, i had a science fiction dream. there were 2 choices, you either battle the overlord, or save the girl. to battle the overlord, you went through missions all the time. to save the girl, you were in a free open world (which was much more difficult). i guess the dream was trying to tell me something. saving the world is easier than getting into a relationship? i know for many, this is not so. i am not supposed to waste my time on earthly things though (food / drugs / love / friendship / items / gold / power [because it is infinite already]). anyway, if we manage to save the world, each individual person on earth will think they did it alone. paralell universe theory is like that. i remember when the fourth october events happened. the day after, there were several strange poems about it. now, i suppose you dont do drugs, as you didnt answer my last question. if shit hits the fan, you could try snorting saffron (the sort at the grocery store is medical grade. no, it doesnt really need to be stored in metal. its just because the potency / purity degrades, for anything really, if you dont). yes, i am serious. this is irans secret. i have only tried it once, and rebirthed 5 times, and many unusual things happened. as for wisdom, theres reiki / gem healing. basically, the simplest sort, is just carrying a gemstone on you, like in a necklace, for example. the greatest sort, is having it in your belly button. oh, and in libanon, theres dentists who have the speciality of putting gemstones in your teeth. i guess the practice comes from there originally, its a shame we had to corrupt it, to using mercury. although, it is a planet, but i cant really handle its powers. although.. its what put me in this position originally. ive only had 2 vaccines ever, one at birth, one for corona. the birth one made my cholericism worse, and basically, turned me autistic. except, autistic just means male-like / intellectual. i know this is why the corona vaccine is so good, it removes all my weaknesses. well, powers too. i have direct effect over the weather [the effect of any of my actions / thoughts / words / art, are global, or beyond], except, since i dont understand my powers, its sort of hit and miss all the time. except, i know, if i put time and dedication into something, whatever it is, it betters the world. when i got the corona vaccine, in late september, i think? it took awhile for it to have full effect. by the time october was over, i realized, my god! its been blue skies like.. 95% of the time? this has been true to this day. in sweden, because of this, i read news that it has to rain for 3 months straight, for the sweetwater levels to return like they were last year. last winter, it was -15 to -25 degrees celcius for weeks. we usually have this for a day or two. and, summer only happened until 22 june. this is because of CERN / HAARP (the other ones i dont know of). its supposed to start in full power again (actually, higher than ever before) tomorrow. they are literally trying to create a rift to a demon dimension, i heard its happening in america as well. oh, by the way, one problem with being a choleric child, is that my parents got tired of me. so they gave me choleric drops. hey, neuroleptics before i turned one, great! my parents still stored this in the medical box until recently. i read the description of contents, i couldnt recognize any of the substance names. except for one.. nicotinamide. of course, it makes sense, my besties house i thought smelled so good! well.. his mom smoked cigarettes indoor. so ive been addicted to cigarettes all my life (crackbaby). i never realized this until recently though. thankfully, a swede invented a better form (snus), which you just keep under your lip. it removes all my OCD, which was incredibly nasty before. it also gives me back my emotional life, which faded so long ago. people dont want you to display them though. since we live in a matriarchy, only "cute" female emotions are allowed. if you say no to authority, or even fight above your place in the human pyramid, youll get in trouble. this means, i am both at the top and the bottom of the human pyramid, at the same time. i met a middle eastern elder lady the other day. she wasnt that good at swedish, which what was so great about her. she hadnt lost her roots. one of the truths she told me, is that i look middle eastern / asian. i mean, it makes sense. i find muslims to be the greatest people on earth. and i love all of asias culture / food / people. i have spent most time in hindu religions, in previous incarnations. especially sri-lanka, they are said to be the most peaceful popolous on earth. hey, they invented tea, so why not! i have african roots too (sierra leone), on my paternal grandmothers side. yep, my dad, although he had blue eyes, fair skin, and red eyes, was still called the N-word all the time, by everyone. because he had a flat nose, and big lips. bella taught me all about this. theres a certain drug culture in sweden (rockabilly), which has its own distinct creole. it has survived to this day. hey, if you got annoyed by my energy, id just like to end this with the words, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER. well, originally a jewish term, lol. though, i take influence from the whole world, normal people too. this is refered to as, jeet kune do. i have met bruce lee in my dreams (also john lennon, in a split-second vision. i translated his and yokos "imagine" to swedish, and eventually broadcasted it on a radioshow), so i knew were connected, somehow. (well, all he did was chill at some place with other people, we didnt talk). the tenants of it, are simple, "take anything, from everywhere, no matter what, if it improves your proficiency / wisdom / power / endurance / speed" this is in contrast to the buddhas words, "do not believe in anything, not even if i said it, unless it aligns with your gut instinct". bruce lee never made a book about jeet kune do, because he didnt want to create a "religion" around him (he shouldnt really have turned into a moviestar then?). i mean, just look at what happened to yeshuas original message. (all it took was 1 pill to bring brue lee down. to say that neuroleptics are powerful, is a supreme understatement. he was probably attacked by EMP before it happened) alright, 6500 characters. on bitchute, this would mean turning it into a mere 2 messages. this will take awhile..

av AkariHarakiri & EternityInterface (ris och ros)

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