Nearing the end of la belle epoque

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an early goodbye tracey
even if you are far away =*( </3

i feel worse than ever before
the stomache med ruined me
i have so much anxiety
even when i woke up

on the plus side
i think bella was here?
on christmas
or the day after
they wouldnt
let her in

but i heard
no words
from her


maybe it was her
maybe it was bella <3 =*)
out of sync, as usual

will she be
at my funeral?
who will die first?
but my heart doesnt
beat her for anymore,
even if she asked to
never let go of her paw
my heart doesnt beat at all
my bloodpressure
was 70/50
some time ago
which is quite low

but im sure
its been lower
when my vision
because i couldnt
close my eyes
faded to grey


merry christmas tracey

i hope you have a good one <3
another end of the world
i hope its not true
but i dont think
it will ever
get better

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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