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i havent really ever gotten much feedback on my music. so i do not care for impact anymore which was never there and when it was it made no impact on me. i do artrock now. im not saying its better or worse than any other genre. but its where i feel at home. this could be the normal 8 hours to know what you have done to me. but im not sure where original sin starts. and i have met people who have had it worse. i guess its just their fate. it is said scorpios can only care for one person. and later starsigns are worse. so im not blaming anyone. im sure later i will get angry again. but since the world has always been against me its not a good idea to express it. as always. keep you down where you belong. this did not start in 1997 nor 1989 nor 1985. it is so to say my fate. again one of the first drawings i made where of a tank. i suppose my last incarnation was in a wartorn country. i do not know if there is any intrinsic difference between the starsigns. later ones just get drunk and high more. but maybe not that as well. if you check up on both your western and eastern signs you might know why. my eastern ones show 0% luck.

tips on sourcecode language for fighting your fate. you will need to get high and drunk or meditate or both. but you can only meditate as long as your signal is pure ie no outside influence, usually 15 mins at a time with 45 mins rest movement etc is recommended for corrupt soul / family trees. when you get to a certain point black magic time is used and you cannot meditate etc again. although this seems to be the intrinsic language of the universe. do remember to have drugs of outmost purity and potency. if your body can take corruption it is no problem. this seems to be in your genes or beyond such as what your mother felt like when she was pregnant or before or age. again without rape culture not much would exist. sia or virgin mary 88 (77+7) etc. choleric for 1 year until saved by kindergarten teacher new + choleric drops at 8 months or earlier many scary ingredients.

2 that seem to be prevalent in my fate

black magic time (stops anything such as relationships love friendships views online offline evolution of an artist true to their fate in not selling out. do know that everyone and everything resonates on your frequency. sometimes you will meet someone outside your given reality. they might be from your soul group)

white magic time (resumes. but since i am only at newton time i cannot use this spell. since newton time only goes forwards at constant speed. i guess you need a very high level frequency for it to work. since so many things affect me i guess its not a good idea to try. with enough corruption you will need to enable astral projection to escape infinite nightmare)

black magic switch (switches gender and language input output and more. when done again it switches back. this can be done on several levels. this was done 1 time permanently early on in my life. crush damage on nail on right hand seemingly noticed always left. with this you can also see personalities or switch with friends family or those you have the parasite on. vampires do not have 2 bites they have 3. plus minus ground. frog plague. fairskinned seem higher sensitivity. vaccine exists though do not know if negates or make worse depending on frequency plus minus)

white magic time (not sure, but i cannot do magic so hey)

white blue magic (only know 1 spell. you imagine air rotating around free bodypart. eventually you release it at an attacker or up in the sky and then down at yourself to calm down. if you aim it at sky you will calm it down at place chosen. of course black blue magic exists to create natural disasters. it is not cern nor haarp though it is but it is magicians who control it on a higher level. but then again electricity controls humans so you never know. human and electricity can obviously be combined for better output. same goes for summoning or desummoning the black planet or meteors etc. 2% angels left on earth age of pisces then big crunch or rather big reset suppose world war 3 solar nova plague corona new monkeypox etc. for countering this if such is needed or to control or save humanity on higher levels several magicians surely must be needed. maybe from all starsigns colours elements etc. scum manifesto end of march 2020 1 chauvinist reply unknown likes unknown related people kill venus make as mars. war won over love sotz over diamonds)

presumed drugs needed to reach temporarily if not pure meditation is used though as mentioned can be combined

presumed level in progress will probably not continue

do note lowest highest overlap but conciousness might be prevalent or not

0 coma / before deep sleep

1 astral projection

2 rem aka freeze frame memory from other world message read sign

3 thought idea song image in your head

4 vision

5 one dimensional reality aka pong love hate no more conciousness state are you with us or against us

5 2 dimensional reality aka drawing

6 3 dimensional reality 2 inputs of 2d image

7 3 dimensional space 1/4 dimensional time newton time

8 3d space 1d time forwards backwards gods wrath below normal lightspeed immense judgement pain so called anxiety mummy reality destroyer mummy movement 4x of rest from 5km/h to 20km 7kmh to 24kmh 9kmh to 27kmh body straining note though can be summoned at will

some writing styles

1 sourcecode

2 power words

3 do as you are told

3 poetry - inspiration aka flow can usually maintain 5 hours writing photoshop music writing does not exert on body nor mind only flow when flow broken either normal or polarity shift from beauty to ugly

4 aphorism - medium loneliness

5 dialogue - high loneliness needed

80 la petite mort have not experienced so cannot really tell

90 alien or dragon frequency live told andromeda stands for natural disasters bombs last remnants first china then japan then north korea first element lithium vanquished europe first questionmark

100 cyanide or thq choloroform the space inbetween 0 electron first element

Protium, 1 proton 1 electron, neutronium 1 neutron

whites were the slave race titonomachy desert sahara no water darker skin