Nietzsches ögon

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nietzsches ögon

food is love

music is love

revolution is love

brotherhood is love

science is love

love is love

bella is love

karin is love

idamo is love

maggie is love

everyone is love

from love

and to love

heaven on earth

if you want it to

its easy

just make a decision

i cant tell you how

but its the

easiest thing

there is

just be yourself

everything will

be alright then

when you rebirth

you lose yourself

your whole life is

dedicated to finding yourself

then losing yourself again

in someones arm

in a word

in a tone

in a colour

in a shape

in a scent

in a cat

in a dog

in a you

someone like you

someone like me

someone like us

someone like we

remember there is

no us and them

there is only us

and all is full of love

you have to trust it

its that easy

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

// Tsofmia Neplith

Eater of lots of tasty food

and listener to much good music

editor 2012-2019 radio totalnormal

heres some swedish please dont be scared :(

i started with it in swedish

then i was gonna translate it

to english then it

just flowed eventide

mat är kärlek

revolution är kärlek

musik är kärlek

vetenskap är kärlek

kärlek är kärlek

brödraskap är kärlek

bella är kärlek

idamo är kärlek

maggie är kärlek

i am my mothers daughter

and my fathers son

and so on and on and on

and on and some off

maybe sometimes wheeee

SOFIA Tomas Karinsdotter-Curtsson

.GOD. .IS. .A. .GIRL.

and shes called

shuddha prajnyana

and shes from iran

hold eachother

close my sisters

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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