Night and day

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nightcore and daycore

its quite simple


if you take a 45 rpm vinyl and play it at 33 rpm it will turn slower

this is called daycore


if you take a 33 rpm vinyl and play it at 45 rpm it will turn faster

this is called nightcore


one can imagine daycore is what its like

when youre sad during the day

and nightcore youre sad during the night

so theyre just different types of sadness

daycore seems to be like darkness in the daytime

and nightcore is when youre guided by the moonlight

you could think that daycore is when your hung over the next day after having drunk the previous one

since people usually rest during the night youll be calm always if youre only up at the night

and if you wake up every day and the fun stops and you have no rem sleep

then you make the best of the situation

if you cant stand the sun and the moon has a calming effect on you thats good

moon people have round faces

sun people have rectangular faces

moon people eat a lot because they dont get the strength from the sun

sun people eat enough they are disciplined

now im sleepy i am a mix of both

good night noon day dusk dawn and wane and wax

och natt och morgon och middag och kväll