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jews were originally black. look up egypts ruler getting the 7 plagues. From what I understand, there are several inhabitants in africa: whites (redheads), who were enslaved to chop down wood and use it to build the pyramids, this is the real reason sahara exists at all. angels (blondes) who were sex slaves under the ottoman empire. muslims, the worldrapers (ie toxoplasmos, dragons, reptiloids). you cannot use nuclear bombs against black africans, since they have already survived them, and if you bomb a strong tribe in africa you get voodoo (bug magic, sentient cockroaches, etc - just look at the bugs eating entire crop fields in australia, for example) on you. jamiroquai is one of the last prophets of the indigenous australians, but again redheads worked below earth. everyone who lives everywhere has always lived there, there is no immigration. china has better slaves than redheads, people with completely round faces, they work only in an infinite darkness devoid of mind and free thinking, ie the age of taurus.

av Va? (ris och ros)

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