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nuclear radiation only hangs around for 3-10 years. hiroshima / nagasaki is alright now. i dunno how they managed to fabricate 100k years. good thing we have "science". anyway, if they are stupid enough to nuke the entire world, you need that bomb shelter and a decade of food and water. not like you wont be plundered though. tjernobyl was like 550 nukes. and not much happened. fukushima though, they tried to reduce the heat, by making an entry into the ocean. OOPS. its contaminated the water all the way to the americas.

still, you need to be vary of x-rays. never ever go to the dentist again. i have weird bumps on my face, which is exactly where they fixed my teeth (mercury/plastic + flouride = not fun). no one gets breast/whatever cancer after the first check-up. my dad got an epilepsy attack when they used x-rays on him. but they did that a lot. he would still have been alive otherwise.

but then again, his friendly neighbours used EMPs on him. mom saw through it. just when she was gonna go to bed, she got weird "tinnitus" like symptoms. they did it on me once. it did sound like the things i had more, both ringing in the ears, and this low bass sound. but i realized it was synthesized.