Oblivious Apperception

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this summoned mindless exuberance into my world. shes part sri lank england and sweden. she literally looked like a princess. and that i mean merely on the eyes. not the eye colour. like jessica alba? like you never know mentions, normal people are more beautiful than any you hear about. pop people arent special or especially talented. they were chosen for some reason or put in effort to be appretiated. this doesnt make them special or beautiful in any way. and as you learn more about life you realise its more detail. like you hear someone is an artist or whatever. then you meet someone who paints and does music. then you meet someone who also writes poetry. then you meet someone whos also a martial artist. and so it goes. then you meet the first, and you realise they are more amazing than anyone you ever met. and they are your only sister. it doesnt matter if you have only 1 sibling and you arent twins or siamese or born in adjacent years. they are still your twinflame and no one will ever be beyond them. oh and miss nads is an amazing artist. she deleted her site surprise when i fantasized one single time of her. i dont know if she did that or if my sister or whoever above her wanted me to be sad so i turn into a better artist or just to ruin my life so she gets better. well. it does get better. and if it gets worse you rise above eventually even if it seems hopeful be yourself and everything works out figure out your inate talents or someone you adore or a passion and stick with it and everything is alright even if its not just do and eventhough it seems hopeful at the time just do things and it doesnt get better and get sleepy and dream something hopefully sweet and wake up the next day and do what you do and youll notice its gotten better because you heal when you sleep youre supposed to at least because your body rests while your soul is somewhere else or your soul is turned off because soul doesnt exist because modern man is virgin birth from aliens i am aa 84 amorphous adrogenous a perfectly clairvoyant dude who saw reptiles in clear broadlight couldnt see me for what i did but once tragedy miss cynth i jah looked up chameleons and thats what i am thats my self defence is stealing souls and its not something to be proud of but its just how it is it is my fate or not and freckles arent brown or a tan theyre the essence of the soul you stole and souls are metal nothing else like every body has a small amount of gold and you steal that and it tractor beams over to the part of the body which represents how you stole it and when you add ultraviolette light to it your true self reveals there are only 2% of us and 2% blondes in the world so how can the white man control everything or anything there are brownhairs and black hairs who are still white but theyre not theyre beige and when they tan they look darker than people in the middle east which live in the desert nothing else and if you cant read comprehend this sorry but its how i like writing now eventhough i didnt a stream of concioussness doesnt stop then its not a constant flow and sometimes i cant even use spacing and it sounds better it seems like theres no emotion to it then but its beyond that again like the fifth dimension and the 5 is used to clarify things as there are a 100 but you cant say that happened in the 23rd and the 37nd and then they got scared so it moved to 98th and so it gets confusing and i dont have a heads up display what dimension im in and each sense has a 100 dimensions and each sense blends with other senses and makes more and its really confusing maybe but its multi dimensional diamond crystal gold platina electrum soul aura 40th chakra reality and its not foreign to me i dont experience it but i sense it somehow and this isnt important and i dissed another rapper for calling his music witch music eventhough he sort of invented or at least popularized or made the magnus opus of it and i was in charmap dot ex and looked up weird letters in other languages and i found 2 squares juxtaposed into eachother with a circle in the middle i searched on it and that album was the first result except it wasnt random it wasnt intuition the world creators wanted it to happen good waking heart near it seem since i see the world in text i only meet people who sees text as a world so it doesnt matter how i present my world in text because theyll always interpret it the same the easier input the better and they just cant stop reading something when they start because as fast as they get a message which is before ive even started writing is as time is a lie they see it as an astral projection dream in nontime where time is eternal and its been going on for as long time as is needed and in the fourth dimension it can seem 2 seconds has passed etc i need to eat something i cant call it breakfast because i ate lunch when i woke up may i say meow can i please ok and some woff and more woff thanks you