Of love

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of Love


the only definition
of love we have is

your lover
makes your

dreams you never
knew youve had

love makes your
favorite artist
release their
best art dance
music poetry

love makes that
annoying flashing
advertising beautiful

love is a dog that lights
up your entire world by
licking you in the face
every single morning
you wake up for decades

love is offering
a paw when either
party cant
stop crying

love is a horse
who looks into your eyes
and understands all pain
youve ever gone through
in the blink of an eye

love is caring and being careful
love is passion and being resentful

love is the greatest drug ever

but it cant be synthesized

under any conditions

its only true

love is what love is what love is

for love is the only thing that exists

because love is the
angeldog by your
mothers side

the first time we met bella

for love is what we had

and nothing is left in my heart



av EmmaSotz (ris och ros)

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