Oh how

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oh how i wish i could rest
oh how i wish i could be awake
now im both
i constantly want to rest
but i cant
i want to write
a lot of things
but social media just
leaves a distaste
in my mouth
same for conspiracy sites
"its all the jews fault"
no its everyones fault
who ate all that at mcdonalds?
who bought all those iphones?
who ordered all that at amazon?
oh how i wish i
could be horny again
oh how i wish i
didnt get so horny
when i do get turned on
oh how i wish i could live
for only posting some emojis
oh how i wish people
really talked to
eachother online
oh how i love all this
music thanks to
youtubes algorithm
oh how i wish i could
make music again
oh how i love making AI art
oh how i long for
photoshopping for
5 hours again
oh how i love all the
authors and poets
on social media
oh how i wish i could
publish my latest book
oh how its been 1½ year
since it was finished
oh how i wish for bella back
oh how i love her so much still
oh how i wish this beautiful
society could go on
oh how i dread agenda 2030
oh how i was stupid to
take 2 corona vaccines
oh how the nanochip
healed me after awhile
oh how i wish i could
fall in love again
oh how i felt
love some day ago
oh but she was married
oh how i wish i didnt ruin my body
oh how i wish i hadnt
wasted my years on computer games
oh how amazing people
i met in runescape
oh how i wish i had
the energy to play MMORPGs again
oh how i long to be
back at fountain house
oh how i miss fountain
houses heart xhyljeta there
oh how i miss so many people
ive met and loved and talked with
oh how i only talk to nurses now
which is near zero conversation
oh how i wish i didnt
have oxytocin defiency
oh how i love my
cold black coffee
oh how i long for the times
when i didnt need
coffee as a painkiller
oh how i also take
12 pills per day
against many ailments
oh how i miss walking in forests
close to the beach
oh how i miss söder and SOFO
oh how i miss people
but they are alive in me
in my writings
oh how i wish i could
write 4 poems a day again
oh how i write much less
oh but maybe its better
oh how its maybe better this way
maybe its better this way
better this way
this way...

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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