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ADM (adt!)²


alright, letse, if i can do a verbal pee
i was around before your mothers pussy was penetratable
my amount of for unlawful carnal knowledge is like 3n+1 = inequatable
i was the fourth member of the
dance with the devil enactment back in 1982
you see, the gilf who was lustmurdered got pregnant too
and gave birth on the 21:st of april in dimension 122
spawning a genius beyond tech & diabolic combined
and a worse C9H9NO3 polluter than all presidents extrement from their behind
youre too lazy to be a field nigga, youre more scared than a has-been yugoslavian tennis player thats afraid of getting injected anywhere, even if schwab himself were so inclined
all that smoking banana peal as thats all you can afford
on your step-step-step-sisters welfare
has made you loco, and a teeny bit blind

your twinflame is the first president of the itty bitty commity
and your wheenie is half the size of her clity
but thats what you get when you feed tomboys with a metric ton of wannabe-daterape abilify
what im trying to say, is, i adore your mandom - hey!
ill suck you off until you leave planet earth, and then bite it off when youre
in la petit morte so far deepthroat until i choke on your superstring girth
and youll feel worse pains than fucking after a 100 hour stillborn reptiloid fourth trimester PENILE birth

nevertheless, since this day, your virgin ass will never get any punany
and youll turn into a worse abomination than a double gender change tranny
you dont have a communication device beyond iPhone ½ BETA bought for ₩1
and use more similar sounding homophoney
than the stereophonic sound on my bakelite records
hey, you just broke a record in sucking ass, and youre forever anally virgin too
the only thing you output MR MOUTH WIDE SHUT LIKE NEO is poo
youre so oldskool your anti-IQ style is more extinct than the doodoo

anyway, now im gonna vomit for real, i get the feel
i get the feels, that eels feels so good,
i wont have to eat anything for another planck constant dude
youre commercial gangsta mixed with muzak with the main 100k$ sample of a cow going AMO
HILLSONG wouldnt even accept you
your output is lower than dead rappers
and your production quality is below a skipping laser-disc (thats been PASSED AROUND more than your STD infested dick) from 1969 printed on 90g recycled toilet PAPER

you can call me GLITCH
the names GLITCH
and im not your BITCH
im a cocksucker, but one victim was enough and well
unless you want to feel it swell and then erupt into a HAARP volcano
my DSL will EOL your ASL request
im the most request-to-sell-out around
and i make ANYONE orgasm longer than a speedrun of earthbound

av Etletlien (ris och ros)

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