On the virtues of water

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On the virtues of water


hi. rhiannon kirin here. something i really dont understand, is "saving water". the thing is, if you shower for longer, youre not really poisoning the water. i mean, if i shower longer, and the water gets on average dirtier, then its because i removed more dirt from my body. its like, if you bathe, then a lot more dirt gets removed from your body - dead skin cells, toxins, and all that. so thats good, but i dont have a bathtub.

where i live now, theres a hot water container thats like 250 litres, maybe more, maybe less - but its not a lot. so when i shower, i first just use plain water, that removes all the dirt that gets rinsed with warm water. then i turn it off, then i soak myself, from head to toe, with a real nice soap, then rinse it off. then a couple of minutes later, the water has already turned cold - and im wondering, if im living in a water dictatorship? it just seems so stupid.

if they really wanted to do something about the water quality, then they should not allow farmers to use synthetic fertilizers, bug-killers, anti-mold agents and all that. instead they should use what in swedish is called "träda". so instead of using 100% of the field each year, they should only use ½. then you plant things which contain a lot of nutrients, like weeds, which grow easily, on one part of the field. then you chop them down, and next year, the soil gets real fertile. its pretty easy. but theyre chasing percentages, so they do the maximum. and each time you this, you erode the soil. eventually, youll have a desert.

and the same goes for shampoos and soaps with synthetic things in them. why dont they make them illegal? because theyve done something similar. in the european union, they decided that tungsten lightbuls, shouldnt be allowed to be made or sold anymore. you can lobby for a lot of things, but that was like the stupidest thing ever.

i remember when plastic bags used to cost 1½ SEK, and paper bags (which were huge then) you paid a measly 2 SEK for (like 20 cents in USD). now the plastic ones cost 7 bucks, and the paper ones 5. i dont think anything has changed, in how much it costs to produce them. the production cost must be like 1 öre (a tiny fraction of a dollar). so, they cost more, and they print the companies name on them. so that we have to pay, now a lot, for them, to be walking advertisments for the companies, is just stupid beyond comprehension.

back to the point: if they remove all toxics beauty products, which mainly just contain water and sodium-laureth-sulphate (basically, a foaming agent), and that are usually deficit of glycerin, which should be the whole point of them - theyre supposed to moisturize your skin. then they wouldnt poison the water, and you wouldnt need to use so much microorganisms in the water cleaning facilities.

if you didnt know, in sweden, except in this part of norrland for awhile or still - you can drink the tapwater. its really really clean, and good for you. we have like, the best water reserves in the world, because we take real good care of the toilet waste. when i hear of other countries, where you actually have to buy the water you drink? why dont they care of it? most just send the sewage directly from the toilet into their sweetwater!

i dont care as much about.. feminism - or whatever you can think of. as i do about clean tapwater, because its a prime human need. i couldnt really live in another country, because if i had to buy all the water i drink, i wouldnt do anything except to buy it all the time. because i love it. i have huge tea-cup, i dont know how much fits in it, probably ½ litre. i empty it several times daily, maybe i gulp on the lines of 2 litres per day. now, 2 kilos per day, to carry from the grocery store, thats just real stupid. and bottled water, how much can it cost? a real cheap brand.. 5 SEK per litre? when you pay for tapwater, hot and cold, the cost is in m^2, and its like.. 5 SEK per square meter. so probably a thousand times more expensive, and its even worse!

i remember when i bought a lot of bloodorange juice and milk. in the summer i downed 2-3 litres of each PER DAY. then i didnt really drink tapwater. so maybe thats what id do in other countries.

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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