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ok ill try to listen to the new record anyway


ok first sounds good instrumentation the lyrics are cliched but maybe thats the point and they shift to someone bitter and mean


dragon. i sound geeky and determined and calm.


some strange monkey drummer with still a sense of rhythm. weird. i only hear the ending lyrics last few secs. but everyone interprets however, it explains why it sounded boring.


diablo I catacomds or hell or imp talking normal


only lyrics in this version.


cant find song


again diablo I sounding magic conjuring spellcasting

(low oxygen levels in my room but hey)


spellcasting hey this record isnt terrible


unknown spellcaster class brooding bass chaos magick mk ultra mind conditioning but hey they also have brain crystalization techniques so its not all bad 50 50


up tempo jungle spellcasting again repetitive shoulda reduced the reverb towards the middle


cant find song


cyberpunk ghost unknown voice yep this record sounds good oh this is the one where it sounds like that italian superstar i think that was the last song completed


spellcasting yet again red cauldron


well its a voice some skeletal mage strange drumplaying male to female pitchshift


nine minutes ok changed this one to last oh wait its also a dupe of 9


a dupe of 9


old poem determined not geeky own voice should still pause between each word

alright pretty good album shoulda been more cyberpunk

it has the sound of the record before i met my ex

i didnt get suicidal amazing

if you are the same state resting as sitting in motion dancing whatever you are one of the lucky ones

as for how long the writing took its an ongoing process. i cannot really plan if i get a hunch i ride with it thats it. each part (art music poetry design) takes a season so an entire year for one record. this was though maybe less than 100 hours about on the production. i did research on the bible and finally found its core and much more. like mentioned recently at the absolute centre core there is nothing and that must be god. and if you delve too deep without concentration and discipline and rest you will get to know him his archangels angels and supernatural beings. you can think you are strong but these have existed since time began and beyond and you will need help and shelter from those close to you.

av Tomas Emma Johansson (ris och ros)

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