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Hi. I am Sofia Johansson. I was born Tomas Ove Johansson in 1983, then changed my middle-name legally to Emma in 2019. It is now autumn 2022 and I truly feel like a woman in some ways, as if I am Sofia. That is not to say that I know all struggles women have.

I only understand, and I cannot say I am 100% woman. I tried to seriously undergo hormone treatment and get a gender correction a few years ago. I can recall one air rule they had: don't eat too much food. But there are a lot of more rules than that, and I cannot abide by them all.

I can only be myself, which is true for everyone and anyone. You have a core which only you know, which only you abide by. It does not matter what you say or do, you only know yourself deep inside.

I do not have good discipline except for the arts. Now I learned the hard way you cannot say everything you want, because I just never stop talking, unless someone threatens me. I do prefer writing to all other artforms, but I need to watch my step.

Twitter does not readily give you access to how many views you have on posts, not what I have found at least. I could be naive and say no-one cares for me anymore, but in truth that is not how it is. I have my family tree and my soul tribe.

I have had red hair for as long as I have known. These days they are portrayed as trolls, but in truth we are the highest frequency. I have been thinking about the word "viking" lately, and how yugoslavian names end in "vic".

av Va? (ris och ros)

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