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By Natalie Jonsson, translated from swedish to english by it

Original post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CwS8uUtrG6g/


Big headlines create big ratings. Fear sells. The mass media does its slant. Most people know this, but when the fight is really on, then few can see whats going on

Always look for the motive behind the news articles, before the headline in themselves. Research how media has operated throughout history. The clues.

The last 3 years has seen the worst fear propaganda through modern age.

People lost themselves and their common sense, in a hysteria created by media and narratives out of proportion. That's why it's important to check what's really going on before you create your own perspective after the emotions that the headlines in massmedia push into your faces.

Feel how you react when a fear creeps up. Do you want to seek solutions from the same source which sold you the problem? And blame it on the people which don't think alike? This is stage 2 in hegelian dialectics. Remember this, center yourself, and take control over your own conciousness.


The censorship the latest year are the worst we've seen in modern time. We can now in hindsight see how information which was true was hidden from the common man and called "misleading".

Trust your own ability to look through and understand your environment, and create your own reality perception with your own research and experience included in it.

How dangerous is it really outside the door? What does the MSM say about it? And how divergent is the gap between their narrative and reality? Do you know someone whos gotten in trouble? Or rather know someone who didn't fare too well, because of the solution they told against the same problem the last time?

When the headlines say "LOADED IN INTENSIVE CARE, remember that it has only 6 places in Sweden, and it has been said to have been full since 2016 because the state denies giving them more resources. This is an example of how media creates misleading reality perceptions.

Do it like people have done it throughout the ages: create your own perception of the real truth.


It's unfortunately become the law to look to others for one's ability to make decisions, where knowledge that can only be acquired through authority, social institutions and the mass media. The common man has lost faith in what their heart tells them, but also their body.

Take back control of your own health

The real function of our mandibles, is to work like an internal vaccinationsystem. So each time we get something in our bodies, it sends a signal to the body to strengthen our protection against that. That's why when we're small children we put one and the other thing in our mouths. This how we naturally create our own vaccination system.

Our bodies are created to heal and build natural immunity. The more we lean to outside ways, the more dependant we become to them, and damage our own internal protection and healing ability

Your body is amazing in its natural form. Focus on activating it again, and you're back to an immune system in homeostasis.


Keep on the look out for the trampling of human rights and freedoms being justified with excuses of Solidarity and For a greater good.

In all examples throughout history when totalitarian leaders have tried to improve their own position, or start up a societal change which impacts the common man negatively - then this has been the excuse.

One stresses peoples empathy and trust, to in the end push through large societal changes which never would have been possible had it not been for a crisis

Never let a good crisis go to waste - Hillary Clinton


Like the aphorism says: "Those who ignore history, are condemned to repeat it"

We had a pandemic based on number of positive PCR-test results (which showed there were 90% false positives). A few years before the pandemic started, the definition of the word pandemic changed - to be based on contaminated cases instead of how many that had died from the disease. The legal definition wouldn't have said that what we got was a pandemic otherwise.

We had countries which overthrew the democracy with the pandemic as an excuse. People weren't allowed out of their homes. You couldn't meet your family. You got fines or even prison sentences in some countries if you hadn't taken the shot. People were even put in quarantine camps from having been sick.

We had vaccine passports to show if we'd taken a shot, eventhough it neither protected against infection nor disease, which made the symptoms lighter. So the whole campaign of solidarity crumbles apart.

A masshysteria, with blinded people.


More people have been hurt by these vaccines than a collection of all of the other vaccines during the last 30+ years, according to official documents

The country with only 4% vaccinated, made do just fine. The country with the second-most vaccinated had most people in the hospital. Do your own research in how cases of heart failure in young healthy people increased during the pandemic. Study the leaked side-effects list from Pfizer.

How could this happen? Massprogapanda. Collateral coersion. Misinformation. Group pressure. Censorship.

Those who stood their ground against all arm-twisting, won out greatly. When they tried to tell people about the hysteria, they were painted black by the media and state. What does this message send out?

Be sure to be critical against all media pushing ONE perspctive, and painting everything black which has values against it. This is a tool to hide information from the public

The truth dares to be critized, but lies need to be heavily repeated and defended to survive


How many of your belief systems, are based on ilfe experience and your own conclusions? And how many are a result of what the system told you since birth?

All you have to do to find the answer behind the motive of what's happening, is to step out of your comfort zone and think out of the box.

There are official documents from stately and global institutions whose goals are wide-scale societal changes, which aren't shared with the common good. This doesn't intrinstically need to mean anything bad. But don't you want to make up your own mind? It's no big secret that power, greed and money controls the world.

When you close off yourself to listen to the things which go the opposite way of your beliefs, you also choose to be one in the herd, and follow it without looking to where you are heading.

To be blind to the truth, is like choosing the bread before the key when you're locked in a cage. To choose the key, is uncomfortable. Because it needs your responsibility and courage. But at the end of the day, it's what sets you free

Be curious. Listen more. Ask more questions. This is the key to expanding your conciousness.

The enlightened one, is not he who knows. It's he who always is open to change, no matter what he knows.


When you see human rights overturned, when people treat eachother badly, when authority reaches beyond its limit with the crisis as an excuse. Compulsore. Painting black. Group pressure... then it is time to feel what your gut instinct is telling you that something is wrong. ACT.

Your courage will determine how these last years end. Your voice will create echoes out into the world. Your civil courage is what can inspire others to stand up for themselves

We know masks don't protect, we know the statistics are misleading, that the vaccine is experimental, and neither stops disease nor infection, that the shutdowns did more harm than good... So what should we do about it?

When freedom is put in the dumpster for our own safety, then the safety is gone

Say no. Defy submission. Everything is a mandate, not law. When we think otherwise, we silently agree, which gives the mandates power over us. It's an illusion, which hangs by a tin thread, that constantly needs to be maintained by the most powerful tool they have: the mass media.

Everything is about our perception. In the beginning of the next information war, the time has come for you to choose:



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