Penetration and resistance

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Penetration and resistance


resistance doesnt matter. when they get powerful enough, the rottschilds fund them, and the counter-resistance too, usually the current government. and they all kill eachother, and the NWO just gets richer and buys their country afterwards. its funny how all proud republicans have forgotten about bush W. he was the epitome of this. the reason the khazarians butchered russia, is because of millennial old bitterness. theyre not much different from true jews (palestinians). blackrock and vanguards assets are in the sextillions. they "take care" of the worlds pension funds. a great socialistic idea huh? corona was originally developed to break muslims faith. theyre some stubborn motherfuckers. my VMAT2 gene de-activation is at an all time high. i hate everything.

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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