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synthesized 5000 transistor quantum processors


jim crenshaw - THEY KEEP DELETING THIS OFF OF SCREWTUBE SO BE SURE TO PASS IT AROUND https://www.bitchute.com/video/ca54xQow1BuR/

isaac asimov - the last question https://physics.princeton.edu/ph115/LQ.pdf

the brain is more complicated than the entire universe https://www.quora.com/Whats-more-complex-the-brain-or-the-universe

also see (i probably learned this number from a popular science mag in the 90's, or from an incorrect calculation) https://www.quora.com/How-is-it-possible-that-there-are-more-neuron-connections-in-the-brain-than-atoms-in-the-universe-Surely-there-is-more-than-1-atom-per-connection

timothy leary - how to operate your brain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7pZtgn99uQ

darkhalo - petabyte flow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWN8pbM0V1g

navion - we are infinite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0ySZTLdevc

the fall of the cabal https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ws4fMTn6yNc7/

Slashdot - Physicists Produce Biggest Time Crystal Yet https://science.slashdot.org/story/22/03/03/012228/physicists-produce-biggest-time-crystal-yet

immortal techniques instagram https://www.instagram.com/techimmortal/

Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Intelligence (you can make very interesting calculations with these, even very big numbers, though a googolplex it doesnt cover - a googol^2) https://www.wolframalpha.com


"How many atoms are in the human brain? The brain mass is about 1400g for an adult, say an average atomic weight of 6, assuming 77% water, 11% lipid, 8% protein. So 1400 x 6 x 10^23 / 6 = 1.4 x 10^26 atoms." - Charles Gretton


(cleaned up, and added more info)

im gonna link another video, which basically says that they have created multiple quantum computers with five thousand transistors. now this is really strange, because if you look on slashdot, there was news about like a 50 transistor quantum computer recently. so how could they make 5000 transistors work? theres more forms of matter than liquid, gas, and solid. if you heat something up enough, to several million degrees, you get plasma - all 3 at once, like a quantum state.

theres also the opposite, but its not minus million degrees, its near zero kelvin. -240 degrees celsius or so. the material you have frozen down get superproperties, basically. theres for example the shikansen (bullet train) in japan which levitates above the rail. and theres a lot of things you can do when you chill something down enough. as i understand from this quantum omni computer, is that they have 2 separated chips, and they chill them down almost close to zero kelvin. if it was fahrenheit or celsius, it would be like 0.00001 degree above the maximum cold, thats possible to achieve - before you get a black hole? they do that, and each computer, consists of 2 parts. that are each ½ metre wide, times 2 meters length times 3 meters high. i cant tell exactly from the video.

so what can you do with this omni computer? i dont really know. but the thing is, if you have 5000 transistors, that are quantum, you get not 5000 calculations per second - you get 2^5000 calculations per second. the problem with that number, is that only 2^32 is 3.2 billion calculations per second, or 3.2 gigahertz (if i calculated it correctly). about what our computers are now, and have been for almost a decade. the thing is, if you have this sort of strong quantum computer, it feels like a googleplex. that number is so huge, i cant find a calculator which can explain it.

the thing is, when they invented this, when they did do that. i heard this story, about tesla. that he invented a death ray. he didnt want to kill humans, or control them. like what happened recently in freedom convoy australia, where the government used EMF weapons to control the 1 million protestors, by giving them burns, and making them go crazy.

tesla wanted to make a shield around the whole united states, against foreign missiles. this would be like a forcefield, and anything that came close to it, would be obliterated. in area 51 or something similar to that, they had already made very strong EMF weapons, from teslas ideas. and during world war 2, the aliens were concerned about us, because we were almost blowing up the whole world. we made nukes and all that. so, some european fighters said that they saw orbs of white light outside their airplanes. maybe it was their guardian angels? then, they said that some UFOs came close to an american base, and they used the death ray to crash them. inside they found alien technology. this was before even the moonlandings (and apparently finding alien spaceships there), even if you dont believe that the moon missions existed, or if you believe in a flat earth or whatever.

they got technology from that, and your guess is as good as mine on what it was. but maybe they got fiberoptic cables, internet, gigahertz processors, everything. with these omnicomputers, and i gotta thank jim crenshaw for uploading it. he says that it gets deleted on youtube over and over again. and i can understand why.

in the video if you check it, it seems they have a lot of these quantum computers. and the power these computers give you, is something like, youd have the real metaverse. you could think of something, then you get a 3 hour movie of your ideas, in a minutes processing time. you see, when a computer is in quantum mode, its not just a zero or a one, its a zero and a one at the same time.

its just like electrons, when i was in school they said it was a cloud. but maybe it just moves really really fast, between positive and negative polarity, between up and down and left and right (quant is a latin word meaning 4).

by the way i was going to make this written down at first, and make it really intelligent and dense and interesting, but its fun to just talk a lot.

id like to recommend "the last question" by isaac asimov. im wondering, where are all the science fiction writers in this discussion? or the readers? are they keeping this all to themselves? or are we, the ordinary people, just stuck in an old reality? are these people already in 2077 with superior technology that we just cant imagine?

the story, i dont know when he wrote it or when he died. but i suppose he published it on the internet, maybe in the 70s or 80s when it was called DARPA net. but im not gonna spoil the story, its not that long.

one thing im thinking though, i cant grasp this really. graphene - which is in the vaccines, and theyre spraying in chemtrails, and they have it in food and medicine - its a self-assembling nanocomputer. how is that possible? does the graphene have DNA - which tells it how to build itself? how can we have technology for that? i just dont get it. how can you insert something into someones body, and it moves to the brain - and there it self-assembles into a computer? thats just like the T-1000 robot in terminator 2! where did we get that technology from? is the graphene from another planet? is it like spacebears?

there was some episode of the X-files, like some black goo entered a person, real weird, and did they really see into the future about that? and it seems to me, that graphene will take over the whole planet. and will be a huge emotional and intelligent being. and eventually, this graphene will take over the entire universe. it just seems incomprehensible.

i read about this thing on slashdot ages ago, that they could make nanobots, shoot them up into the atmosphere, where they could make nanobots from the carbondioxide. and in a few weeks, they would have invaded the whole earth - we are carbon as well, after all.

last year my wife left me, we had been really tight-knit for 1½ years. what happened, is i got a real strong DMT-psychosis from that. a psychosis is normal, so dont worry about that. im not crazy, not more than you. what happened was, when youre drunk, you get into another reality. this is real fun, my dad drank a lot, but he did a lot of good things, took care of the economy, cooked food, had 4 jobs.

the thing is, the only thing he said about alcohol, is that when youre drunk and look yourself in the mirror, you look 10 years younger - why would i want to ruin my body and mind - because of that singular, dumb, special ability?

schizophrenia is when youre drunk without drinking, and they want to remove that from you. youre supposed to be a drunkard, youre supposed to be an addict, youre supposed to be a smoker, youre supposed to drink coffee, youre supposed to drink tea. if you dont do that, if you dont help the world economy, by being a loser and dying at 50 or 60 years old or whatever. then youre not an asset.

i remember trying to talk to this incredible musician. and she says "you cant talk like this, well get busted and get put into a mental hospital". and i say, i talk like that all the time? ive stopped mostly talking like that now, because ive gotten more logical.

something that hasnt been mentioned about corona, in 2019 or even earlier, is first that bill gates - which people dont mention anymore. everyone hates fauci though. i saw this on a medical site even, you could even order it for like $500, he had copyright on corona already already back in 2001. i think in like 1998 there was this huge lawsuit against him and microsoft. and he didnt take it well. he rolled in his chair like a baby when he got questioned. and then his dad said like: "we can cheat on taxes, by giving money from my corporation, to charity, well call it the bill and melinda gates foundation". so bill was like "woah, then im gonna be saved".

on slashdot, these days, its just democrats versus republicans (instead of linux vs microsoft vs apple). and everyone is really an idiot, there are some wise people still. but everyone is for corona, no-one is talking about the 1200 side-effects of the pfizer vaccine. but most geeks thought, that when gates (dad) gave all those billions for medical research, that he was a good guy. they invested 10 billion dollars, and in 20 years, its now up at 200 billion. a 20x profit, more than stock market shares could ever give you. why dont more people do that? well, there are lot of NGOs after all.

to get back to the bill gates point. my impression of the nanotechnology in my body now.

in 2004-2005, which "factcheckers" say the video is fake. but why would you fake a video that well? it just seems really stupid and impossible. bill gates was evidently at a secret pentagon room and meeting, saying - he wanted to remove all psychopathic suicidebombers from the world. and how would he do this? he would make a disease, then a vaccine which would cure the disease, and remove religious faith from people.

he had realtime PCR tests then, where he tested: if you read from the quran, and you had suicidal tendencies, and wanted to become a prophet or saint or whatever. it lit up a lot in the brain. if you werent psychopathic, but still a muslim, and you read the quran about something violent or whatever, about being a muhajeddin. then your brain wouldnt light up as much.

now, they say - thats not bill gates, but he had a much squeekier voice then. and that was 15 years ago. he called it the FUNVAX. isnt that a fun name? and it would remove all religious people from the world. when i read more about this - in 2019, there was a lot of documentation about the vaxx, theyve probably removed it now. but maybe they tried it, already when THE GOD GENE came out, the book that is, about the VMAT2 gene. maybe he tested it a lot, and added other things to the vaxx, like the nanotechnology and DNA altering. maybe it was covid-03, then 04, 05 - and so on. and then covid-19, which i figured they released the news about, to stop the hong kong riots.

if you check the pentagon video, it just seems so out of this world. to a normal person, who watches the news, and have no idea about the dark underground forces at play. its like that hillary clinton video on darknet - where she and that other women in the pizzeria in new york, where they cut off a little girls face and wears it as their own. would you believe that? but its sick.

i made this other story which i might read in. that on immortal techniques instagram - which i highly recommend, hes made a lot of political videos over the years, about everything between heaven and earth. you dont have to like hiphop to get it, hes just.. very down to earth. hes for the vaccine actually, and says that corona is real. and that he had the illness. hes never said that hes taken the vaccine, because hes part of the green, the draconians, the annunaki.

he had a newspicture, which linked to a site. which said that 200 000 kids, mainly boys, were molested in french churches. that made big news, it was on BBC even - but really, did anyone care?

before, a nun used to visit once a week, play this new-age record, and everyone got healed: "oh you saved me" "oh i cried for the first time in 50 years", etc. then the nun disappeared when there was some vatican controversy about pedophilia.

maybe i should make a new video about this. theres a lot of strange things going on in the world. something ive written about before, which also talked about the death ray, and the UFOs - that technology seems so weird, it just gets better and better all the time, and you never get to see when they do research on technology. microprocessors for example, how do they fit billion transistors in a tiny chip? how do they make fiber-optic cables? there was some documentary about it on discovery channel, but they withheld everything.

the world is sicker and more amazing and complicated and easier to understand than you think. if youve ever been in love and lost it, or drunk, or done drugs, or smoked weed, or smoked cigarettes, or smoked cigarrs, or smoked cigarillos without filters, or lost your mother, your brother, been traumatized - then you know that there is a greater world out there.

theres infinite universes - not just 100 dimensions. every person is their own universe. i debated this with a real good tatuist. you can talk to a tatuist about anything and everything - theyve seen it all. in either case, there was research, which said that - the brain is more complicated than the entire universe.

timothy leary says in "how to operate your brain", that the brain consists of a 100 billion neurons, and each is connected to 10 000 other neurons - via synapses. while each neuron is like a complicated computer, the synapses act as memory. maybe its similar in power to a 2^5000 nanocomputer.

so the amount of synapses in your brain, is more than all the atoms in the entire universe. for example, if i say "blue" to you, if youre high for example - if you take LSD or a lot of weed or the like (which ive barely ever done). then you might get a 1000 thoughts in your head every second, then thats close to being connected to SOURCE - to your own divinity - petabyte flow.

im the complete opposite to "the high state", i get one thought once in awhile - otherwise, im zen calm. and.. basically - as a guy, i get almost no emotions - ever.

so, to get back to the point. if i say "blue" to a person, and then to another - they could even be brothers or the like, their impression will be completely different. a neuron or a synapse lights up, and this connects to 10000 other thoughts and memories. if i mention that colour to you, you might think of the sky, someone else might think of "the blues", someone else might think of their favorite clothing item, someone else might think of the sea. its infinite, each person is infinite. and these quantum computers, are seemingly infinite as well. youve all been lied to, about absolutely everything in the world. if they got amazing technology a 100 years ago, either from the EMF:d UFOs or from visiting the moon, or being handed to it from aliens - then they have been lying about everything.

pentagon, or CIA or FBI isnt the highest agency in america. for example, in sweden, a met a high ranking officer for the swedish security agency, and from the official narrative, the highest agency was SÄPO - well, he said he had worked in an even higher up agency - and its them who plotted and killed olof palme.

they say that, in antarctica, they found a portal to the lower depths. where there is an entire different world - a lot of what we are talking about now. there lives blue ray souls, only eat algae, and have 1000 times more emotions, creativity and scientific analytical power than us. should i continue this? im not recording video, just sound. if its video its hard to edit it, especially when youre improvising, and cutting in video just looks weird, especially if you do it several times per minute. and then its these people who talk into the camera, dont change their expression a lot - and youre supposed to look at these 1, 2 - even 3 hour newscasts - and i just cant bother.

the only channel ive watched more than a couple of videos of, is the fall of the cabal series. they have thorough research, and original background music - just really well made.

i heard this years ago, from several sources, that the holocaust never happened. if anything, when the jewish crusaders killed muslims and destroyed their culture in europe and the middle east - that was the only real holocaust.

alright, this is getting longwinded and off-topic, ill continue in the next video. anyway, i added this as an ableton live project, and put some small amount of reverb on, to remove much of the garbage which is created through working close to ventilation, using noise reduction, and only having my laptops built-in microphone. i decided against adding background music, because my productions usually get real weird, and that might turn off a lot of people from listening.

i added some songlinks, because like my favorite philosopher friedrich nietzsche said: "without music, life would be a mistake"


2^32 = 4.3 billion = 4.3 gigahertz = 4.3 billion transistors = 10 decimal digits

1.4*10^26 = the amount of atoms in a human brain = 27 decimal digits

10^80 = the number of atoms in the visible universe = 81 decimal digits

10^100 = 1 googol = 101 decimal digits

2^5000 = 1506 decimal digits = quantum computer calculations per second

100 billion ^ 10000 = 110 000 decimal digits = the amount of synapses (possible ideas / thoughts / sensations) in the brain =/= 1 quadrillion = it is really 100 billion * 10000 = 16 decimal digits

"So it's like the number of ideas you can have is probably around the number of particles in the universe
and possibly even more if we account for loops and convergence of several lines and so on." - Humzah Khan

we evidently have about 1 concious thought per second, in 90 years thats
3600*24*365*90=2.7 billion thoughts. how this relates to the amount of
connections you make in that time, im not sure how to calculate. of note is
that we cant "process" all the time at high efficiency, we need to rest.
while a computer needs cooling and can run for decades,
we need to relax our thinking, feelings, and actions
(heal = slow down atom movement and let antioxidants do their work, for example).
1 2
2 4
3 8
4 16
5 32
6 64
7 128
8 256
9 512
10 1,024
11 2,048
12 4,096
13 8,192
14 16,384
15 32,768
16 65,536
17 131,072
18 26,2144
19 524,288
20 1,048,576
21 2,097,152
22 4,194,304
23 8,388,608
24 16,777,216
25 33,554,432
26 67,108,864
27 134,217,728
28 268,435,456
29 536,870,912
30 1,073,741,824
31 2,147,483,648
32 4,294,967,296
64 18,446,744,073,709,551,616
128 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456
192 6,277,101,735,386,680,763,835,789,423,207,666,416,102,355,444,464,034,512,896
256 115,792,089,237,316,195,423,570,985,008,687,907,853,269,984,665,640,564,039,457,584,007,913,129,639,936
333 17,498,005,798,264,095,394,980,017,816,940,970,922,825,355,447,145,699,491,406,164,851,279,623,993,595,007,385,788,105,416,184,430,592
The smallest power of 2 greater than a googol.
10^100 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000



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