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= Info

  1. Morn
  2. Begi
  3. Spli
  4. Foun
  5. Diff
  6. Upwa
  7. Disc
  8. Cast
  9. Lair (bonus)


recording year 2010

release year 2011 soundcloud username eternityinterface

review samstämmigt du leker med gitarren orden etc om flertalet


Acoustic guitar experiments, recorded sometime in autumn year 2010, in mono 22khz floating Point - with an mp3 player, simple edits in Audacity (output as 32kbps mp3). The bonus track was recorded some year somesuch later.

Since this first record, like the dreamstep demi-god says, "it's impossible to define it". My records are neither singles, EPs nor albums in the ordinary sense. Too long for a single, too short length for EPs, too epic for albums, multi-lingual, too many genres to ever sell out, etc. Thanatomania, erotomania.