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id rather be your treasure than someone elses millionaire
id rather have five tattoos than a blocked third eye
id rather be deeply interested than shallow with the rest
id rather be your guiding light than a googleplex universe
id rather love you than flirt with a bunch of people
id rather be with hippies than workers
id rather bet on the second chance
than to have a chance at all
id rather create an homage
book than asking out on a date
id rather wake up with you
than seeing my reflection at night
id rather listen to nature than the entire spotify library
id rather connect to akasha than the internet
id rather be with you than anyone ive ever cared about
id rather be cupids arrow than a thousand needles
id rather be wrong than keep quiet
id rather be liked by you than be in other peoples hearts
id rather be your storm than stop breathing smoke
id rather burn down my kindergarten
than bully someone to gain status
id rather be a suicide attempt than the tower of babylon
id rather be in a garbage bag in the wind than a commercial
id rather be rejected than a rapist
id rather be lochness than a lemming
id rather sleep close to you than be a daytime incubus
id rather be awake at night than sleep me through life
id rather seek the truth than play with lies
id rather be stalked than an irresponsible father
id rather be your burnt karma than my exploding kama
id rather be in your blood than have diarrhea of the mouth
id rather drink from a cold water source
than a cubic beer of restaurant quality
id rather be a mummy than a stray pig
id rather be a parent than a clown without limits
id rather have a german wine than the most expensive champagne
id rather delete everything on facebook than
fuck up once more in front of a thousand friends
id rather be healing than a painkiller
id rather wear a wedding ring than have a thousand threesomes
id rather be a cat meme than a worldwide lie
id rather be your lover than write a thousand poems
id rather write than anything else
id rather hear you say you love me once
than the moans of a 72 hour orgy
id rather the right doesnt come to power
than to break through as a slam poet
id rather die a virgin than gain a day named after me
id rather be psyched than pretend
id rather cry like crocodiles
than performing theater in front of others
id rather hear a compliment from you about my music
than 5 stars on the front page of a music magazine
id rather be an advocate of
violent veganism than a tree hugger
id rather be mother earth than atlas
id rather be sister sun than a lost smart phone
id rather be patriarchy than a shrill whiner
id rather prepare for the fountain house
anxiety race than win the olympic games
id rather create revolution in silence
than exalting myself as the savior
id rather see your smile when you
awake than a thousand laughs with me
id rather be faithful to you
than have several on the side
id rather make mistakes than be silent
id rather write this poem than create a hit single
id rather you know all my passwords
never being able to log into your smartphone again
id rather be a sinful person
than a perfect monster
id rather accept gods judgmental light
than to cool off in the dark
id rather get a text from you
when im going to sleep
than to confess to a handsome
private psychologist 100 times
id rather be in a trattoria than cook myself
id rather be kissed a dozen times by you
than desired by a thousand groupies
id rather be your god than everyone elses shaman
id rather be your first born than a moment in history
id rather cry like a grandchild than wine with the elite
id rather be your biggest idol than someone elses tv celebrity
id rather be your reality than someone elses fantasy
id rather be in your memory than an advertising jingle
id rather run at a loss than be a boss
id rather be immeasurable than something big
i rather worship ganges than mecca
id rather be a jerk than a soap actress
id rather throw away everything i own
than sell out to a record company
i would sacrifice everything i created
if i could have someone like you again
because id rather be in love than an artist
for i love love more than art
and i love you more than anything else

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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