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that was neat! it sounded like a boat horn!

i dunno how i got it, it started with yawning. i can make this very loud, high-pitched sound, for like 30 secs. i havent found anyone who likes hearing it though ^_^ it echoes like anywhere i try it, lol.

i can also sound like a dolphin, sometimes..

and a reptile

and a pure demon. all these norwegian black metal bands sound like castrato-singers in comparison

you probably dont want to listen to that ^_^

we have all forces inside of us though. just as hindu gods are both blue (aka blue ray souls) and black (hawking energy, the ultimate negative).

"fight fire with love"

thats paradoxical, because fire is love. (ie jesus/marys burning heart). fire + fire = more fire. ice + ice = they bounce off eachother / break. theres a lower limit to coldness / evil / stupidity (0K) but not an upper limit to heat / love / insight (millions of degrees are possible). we should aim for global empathy, but the coldhearted ones just care for themselves (if even that).

"The Hidden Teachings of Jesus"

i cant respect anything which quotes the KJV. if anything, id equate it to nietzsches "the will to power" (which his zero-talent nazi-sister made, by copying random parts of his notebooks, and other peoples writings, even). its corrupt, to the point of complete conjecture, at places.

every bible is copyrighted, so they have to make large changes in each. it doesnt seem like most go back to the hebrew version though, instead making it more stupid and inaccurate for each iteration.

id recommend looking up the tanakh, and google-translating the hebrew words. its a bit corrupted even that way, but they cant do it completely, since then all hebrew translations would turn out wrong.

i tried this myself actually, but got stuck early on. in genesis, chapter 2, verse 21-23, i just cant understand what it means. if anything, a lot of words seem left out?

> “Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists

all you need to do, is drink a beer or two. alcohol, is, after all, as they say, chosen insanity (and insanity, is merely, a different reality from the status quo).

i realize though, just like the magic powers of the old days, they try to keep the discussion down.

that nicotine has more laws against it than alcohol is just silly. in sweden theyre all out on alcoholic sodas. but now, youre not allowed to even have flavoured electric cigarettes?

i mean, the worst materialists, are often the worst alcoholics as well. that they cant believe in a reality, which is mostly their only reality? i just dont get it. i guess they only write when theyre hung over.

you can even get high from coffee (caffeine is an alcaloid).

"that most magicians are possessed, or assisted by fallen angels or demons"

theres this great logical fallacy. that if god/jesus uses magic, its good. if someone else uses magic, its bad? it just makes no sense whatever. god has done plenty of horryfying acts, but somehow, this isnt black magic?

i have seen the amazing things, a simple prayer (without words), for just a few seconds, can do. but is this not magic, as well?

i have personally met the arch-angel for may, uriel. he presented himself as a pink cloud. you wouldnt call him a demon, right?

and its not about "offences to god". in the hebrew bible, god is referred to as "elohim", which is plural, just like the annunaki themselves. that we are not to question, nor achieve powers like the ultimate, only points to that he - or rather, they - are afraid of this happening.

and they do everything in their power, to stop us from achieving enlightenment. or just.. believing in ourselves, our own inner divinity. instead we indulge in alcohol and other intoxicants to huge degrees, and also maintain materialistic, goldhoarding, and manipulative / lying / psychopathic life-styles.

when we really have everything we need inside, to be happy.

i have never met a single good christian. all they claim to be, falls short when you piss them off, simply by not agreeing with them (or the KJV).

sexual abstinence in christianity is also a big fat joke. christians are the most sexually frustrated populace on earth.

no, you cant, and wont, grow up to be the next virgin mary. but this is demanded of all priests, and just look at the sick things they do, to appease their sexual urges.


actually, the british isles, are highly related in culture, to, for example, north of spain. because, originally, like you mentioned? europes religion was druidism. christianity is middle eastern, it has nothing to do with us.

"original Taoist were redhair Druids"

and druids were originally from middle-earth, aka metal-smiths. in the 1500s, 40 valoonian were imported to sweden. 40% of real swedes, have valoon blood.

now, if i had talent for fiction, id write about. so, yes, red hair is originally from the dwarf race. i guess theres books about that, but i have barely read any. did used to play a lot of computer games, but never really cared for the story / dialogue.

dwarves / neanderthals, did have red hair and blue eyes. but their skin was actually grey, from living in caverns for a long long time.

one theory, is that maroccans, took albinos, and shipped them to then-germany, which was uninhabitaed, as a social experiment. and the reason maroccans have crooked eyes, is that they loved kyrillian slaves.

well, you might be right about all things originating from europe. neanderthals got there 300k years ago. it was only 40k years ago, when the homo sapiens obliterated them (not without raping a bunch, obviously, so we still have some genes left).

the homo sapiens, it is said, originate from atlantis (mauritania), whom fled to mars, and went back to earth (egypt, when they build the pyramids) when they used up all of mars resources. or maybe they were the original marsians? who knows?

the greys, are thus neanderthals. though, some say they are the draconians. or rather, the blondes, which are just as rare as the red-haired, clocking in at 2% of the worlds population.

if anything, the real "whites" are thus the ones with blonde or red hair, especially as they are so rare.

the rest of europe, are the slav(e)s. even going a bit south, from sweden to germany, i find that everyone looks middle-eastern already.

"tho dyslexia has its pluses"

i am not really dyslexic. but i have such a hard time remembering things. though, youd figure me a psychopath, because my lack of emotions (i can pretend to be happy, and make anyone laugh / feel at ease, though). but i remember everything by the emotional impact it has on me.

so i prefer getting my insight in short bursts. i prefered, back in the day, with just talking to people, anyone, everyone. eventually, id learn some interesting tidbit, which would propel me further.

most of my art, i dont really understand. no matter if its photoshops, poetry or music. im far more output than input. though, i get my input from a galactic source, instead of a primitive 4D reality. or, like with my book project, its a lot of hard work, to realize a simple vision. not much else

i used to love reading citations. id have a collection of several thousands. id read a hundred a day, over and over. they were like my friends.

nowadays, i concoct my own wisdom.

since corona, i dont really see other people at all. and i dont care. just about everyone is a liar, a manipulater, and a fraud. all they want is (sexual) attention / entertainment, then they throw you out in the trash, when theyve gotten what they need.


av Akari Harakiri & EternityInterface (ris och ros)

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