Real true you

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real true you
thanks for staying true
for staying real
for staying you
thanks for staying with me
for staying to heal
for staying me and you
thanks for slaying my ego
for making me kneel
for staying on the go
thanks for making me shine
for making me not blue
for staying at my side like glue
thanks for teaching
me that cats meow
that unicorns are true
and that cows moo
thanks for teaching
me how to screw
thanks for being handy
with your hands lil bella bee
thanks for neither of us
wanting to flee
thanks for making it through
to the other side of the fence
of challenges and tasty stews
thanks for us being two
i love you, i do i do
thanks for making me dream three
that your tummy turned
to a bee's behind
thanks for not being behind
but by my side
thanks for not me having to hide
thanks for not being blind in love
and leaving me for nothing special
because you are the most
special star in the sky
thanks for teaching me
that it's called masala
not chai
thanks for being sly
thanks for being a
cute pumpkin pie
thanks for never saying goodbye
without a song to lure me back
thanks for having a beautiful behind
and a beautiful front
and a beautiful face
and a beautiful soul
thanks for crying together with me
something that's never
happened to me before
you're something that's
never happened to me before
and you're sweeter than all
the candy in the entire world
you are my entire world
you are my entire life
...would you be my wife?
through the beauty and the strife
and the tears and the cry
in the middle of the night
which, i tell ya
ain't from fright
our hearts bolting like a freight train
when the cops were at the door
and you know i do anything for you
you know it's you that i adore
you're adorable
you're both beauty within and without
and without you i'm nothing
but a broken shell of a virgin again
with a million dreams
and none of them coming true
but you are a dream come true
and i treasure every day
every night i want to with you lay
and maybe slay some evil minded dragons
or make cute dragon babies
23 months...
1 year, one whole year
of wonder
of beauty
of dispair
of jealousy
of wonder beyond wonder
that's what you are, bella
the beauty in body and soul
in harmony and passion
in your arms and in your house
i feel like a petty mouse
...could i be your spouse?
remember when i yelled like a grouse?
or was it a woodpecker? or something...
really really läcker
som en bit av dig
räcker för evigt för mig
du är en så underbar fjärilstjej
irace gabriella, jag älskar dig
du är en förgätmigej
allt som har att göra med dig
din poesi, ditt dj:ande
din photoshoppning
dina ögon, din healing
it's more than a romantic fling
this is for real
thanks for staying true
for staying real
for staying you
i love you
with all my heart
and beyond
and never enough
and more than enough
and lagom
and vanilla sauce
and creampies
and as she flies
through the sky
day and night
and gets scared, gets fright
and i take your
sadness to happytears
on the freight-train to forever
would you promise me forever?
would you? would i?
i would now
and pregnancy isn't blackmail
do you believe in changing?
in changing two into one?
into three? into a whole family?
i do love thee
bella busy
bee johansson!
hugs and kisses
and bugs and cat-missus
instead of bella
snälla snälla snälla
förlova dig med
lilla oinkmig
nöff nöff!
bök bök!
pök pök!
stök stök!
så är det skrivet i
stjärnorna att
vi ska bli
två till en
jag sätter hundra
tusen spänn!
och en och annan
han och hon och hen
and we make out sen
som zen buddism
du tar bort alla mina schismer
och masker och maskar
och jag bara traskar och traskar
och vaskar och vaskar
fram flera guldkorn
från våra hjärtans kärlek
men det är mer än en lek
och mer än gossi-goss och smek
det är på riktigt
och det är så jag älskar dig
för alltid, på riktigt
for ever, for pigsqueel
thanks for staying true
for staying real
for staying you
and i moo like a cow
and purr like a cat
and damnit
i'm getting even more fat!
because of this bat flue
atchoo! prosit
bless you
bless me
bless us
dear holy father
and mother earth
bless we
on this mirth
on this birth
of a new planet
in the solar system
pluto and its brother moon
bella boo! and tomas moo?
my mother baked
that cake for us
and those
cookies too
she loves you
she really does
she really do
thanks for staying true
for staying real
for staying you

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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